Are we going to change?

Most of us think that someday there will be a perfect world. People all work side by side , no more poverty, no racism, no war, no more dirty politics, no more dark side in this world. But history proved that things not going to happen. For more than 3 bilion years this earth exist, still this thing will exist as long as the world still here.

We all born in a different world, from different place, different culture, and even we born in the same place, money in the bank make us change place, our own goal wil change us later to be someone that we might not realized that a monster is what are we going to be.

I can read that a lot of comment that people might don't want to see in the internet, a comment about my race, saying that how inferior a malay could be. If i read that site with my heart, i would be a terrorist later, but i read it with my brain. I can see why people sometimes critics other race. This is because no race are perfect. Human is not perfect. That is the nature. The natural that we live until we die.

A critics to others is what make us better is not it? How people mocking my race in the internet doesn't make me feel like war. I feel like something should be fix. I look around and see, it is really that some decision made by big person will affect many aspect of others life.

But racism should not really exist in this world. I do not know why but we all are born with the racism heart and instinct. That is why i cannot even say myself is not racist. Sometimes i hate American killing all the innocent people in Iraq. I hate to see a white guy walking arrogantly in my soil. But i do not feel to kill them. I just hate that do and support the killing.

This is example from me. Because we see how things is going on out there. How sick this world is right now.

In this country, a beautiful country of Malaysia, a multicultural nation, i was so proud to live and born here, and be a Malaysian. But what i have see here is so different. Not like what government want it to be. Or they really want it to be like this.

I do not understand why all race in Malaysia cannot live together and did not discriminate others. Why some race are feeling that there are the best and the other are the worse while i can see that everything was kind of equal today.

Living my life in medical school, i really cannot stand the wave of racism that occur. Even maybe some of the guys and girls feel like there are living in a state in Malaysia that does not support racism but only feeling is not enough. Practically, i cannot see people that are really not practicing racism here.

I'm so sad of myself, this is because i use to live in a small island where people live harmony. Every race mixed with each other. I remember that i went to Saint school where most of the student was not in the same race as me but i made a lof of friends. My best friend is not in the same race with me. Even maybe my ex-girlfriend is not the same race as me. But i am so sad today because i have to live with so many people that care about race, racist. I cannot be myself again like before.

I am trying to cope with the situation but i cannot. Because even though i have try so hard, things becoming a part so fast. No one really support the way i think in making a world without race. And when people deny my thinking, i hate them. When people showing their racism to me, i hate them. That is why i don't feel better today. Because i hate them. I hate racism and racist. And i become someone who have so much hatred on this, and i becoming someone that seems to be the wrong guy, and not them.

I never feel other race is no good than mine. I feel equal everyday. if I feel someone is stupid, i know she or he would be clever tomorrow. More clever than me. That's why i won't show any discrimination to them cause that is the stupid things to do.

Are we going to change? Are racist going to change once they gone through a lot of experience, when they live a long time with non-racist. I don't think so. Because if they did, why so many racist born everyday barking everywhere around Malaysia.

This country has created a very big mistake in the history. The history that brings impacts to all of us today. Things that is going to be very hard to change.

I have no intention to change it right now cause it is hopeless. A racist will always be a racist. I'm glad that i am not born with that ability. Ability to hate other race. Ability to hate other religion. Ability to hate other state. I am glad that I am born neutral.

In the end, there will always a sad end. And from what i see, non-racist will lose. This is because if a non-racist bark like racist, they would not be a non-racist anymore. So if they keep quiet, they will lose. Lose or not i do not care, but what i want is, a non-racist still exist until the end of time.

I dedicate this to all non-racist supporter to keep their mind straight and be yourselves. All my friends that is not supporting racism. I was very glad to be friend with you all.


  1. Anonymous7:19 pm

    interesting post.... well im not d same race as u but i have that same feeling regarding this whole racism..u've just wrote everything that were on my mind...

    I used to have a blog regarding racism. But soon i deleted it..because afraid i've somehow offended some parties here.. i was so mad that time that's why i'd created that blog. And it was my first year in uni..upm....

    D racism is so intense...never felt that way through out my life in after further my study here......the so called unity that they seem to overrate it through the commercials are all bullshits. Damn lies.. the truth is so hard to accept...

    Yes it does change a way... hatred....somehow sometimes it makes me so pissed off that i'll just wanna chop off their heads...
    They makes me hate their races too.... but it's a temporary feelings of anger...i'll never gonna be like them..RACIST!

    But feeling of hopelessness is unbearable at the same time knowing that we cant do anything to change it...... it's pathetic


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