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We Change

This is a quite sensitive issue that I will discuss in my blog. A few weeks ago I wrote about how I hate racism. Today, the things are getting worse around me. As I said, the racist will win this game no matter what case we did not want to be a racist, patience is the key of winning ( in fantasy). Some racism issues were arising in my institution a few weeks ago and it was really terrible. As we all know that racism will only bring us further down, and it was proven in front of me. My beloved and respected institution is going down because of racism. I am not going to discuss further about this issues since it was going around the internet for quite some time now. What I want to show here is the war with racism will not be end if we fight back with racism. After the racism issues arise, few of us anti-racism are getting mad on them (the racist), and it is clear that we win the battle there cause everyone are blaming the racist because they create some propaganda and make th