We Change

This is a quite sensitive issue that I will discuss in my blog. A few weeks ago I wrote about how I hate racism. Today, the things are getting worse around me. As I said, the racist will win this game no matter what case we did not want to be a racist, patience is the key of winning ( in fantasy).

Some racism issues were arising in my institution a few weeks ago and it was really terrible. As we all know that racism will only bring us further down, and it was proven in front of me. My beloved and respected institution is going down because of racism. I am not going to discuss further about this issues since it was going around the internet for quite some time now. What I want to show here is the war with racism will not be end if we fight back with racism.

After the racism issues arise, few of us anti-racism are getting mad on them (the racist), and it is clear that we win the battle there cause everyone are blaming the racist because they create some propaganda and make themselves including us to be pull down by the public. It was a very controversial issues because it affect not only us, but the whole institution and also involving our future. We were really mad about them. Why they have to be racist and make public see us as a racism institution. This is what brings hatred inside us and I can see that even if we keep hating them and show them we are the winner, but actually we are loosing faster than before.

This is because most of my friends started to have hatred inside their heart. They hate the racist, they hate them so much. They try to discriminate them and try to make them feel guilty. It was a natural response of a group of human when they achieve something and want to show the others that they are the one who are right. They are right but to show that they are right in inappropriate way will make us lose this game.

It is like in Star Wars movie where Jedi keep told to be patience even the Dark side keeps humiliating them. In the end, Jedi win. Win because of their patience. In reality, this thing is practical. But the result would not be the same.

I did not like to see my friends developing hatred day by day to the racist. It making them look more racist than the racist. I am afraid that in the end, this thing will turn them into a racist. We should not be like this.

As I say before this post, we will not win if we keep iquiet but we will not lose if we keep silent. We should not walk into their path, planting a hatred in our head and showing hatred to the others. If we want racist to be disappear, we should make ourselves a neutral one without any bias to any race. Even we know we are the truth, but we can keep yelling about it cause no one will listen if we yell, but one will see if we keep ourselves the truth.

The game will not end by fighting the ideology. This is because living in solidarity and unity is not about who win or who not but about sharing what you have and what you did not to the others, and dare to take whatever the others born with and respect others as you respect yourself and your race. Protect each other like the others are your own brother. Live without hatred. Live without looking to the colour and culture. Acceptance and forgiveness is the key.

We should not let ourselves hate the others even the others hate us and discriminate us. If we know that we are right, that keep living with it and never let someone else change it even it was to hard to accept that the loser are arrogantly living with their own dream of nothing.


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