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Die and become ghost

I've been through a lot this few weeks. With exam, the educational exam and the life exam. When i say life exam, it mean that it is about the life i have been through this few weeks. Lots of decision i have to make. Well, the medical exam doesn't really bother me, but the life one is putting me in a stress that i only tasted once before and i don't want it to be again. I start to realize that we cannot just understand what happen in front of our eyes. I start to realize that world is so cruel and complicated. I start to realize that to be good, you wouldn't always have to feel good. I start to realize that everything that happen is not what actually happen. I start to realize, that myself is not the same 4 years ago. Stress and pressure i taste 4 years ago start to crack my head again. Pushing me down as it do to me years ago. Making me want to cry and give up my life. But i can't because the purpose of my life is still far away. The goal that i want to achiev