A Short Honest Story

It’s been a while…

In our life, we kept secret. The secret that nobody would ever know, even the most closest person in our life. The secret that people would not realize and even the secret that someday will never exist again in the surface of the earth.

But why do we keep secret? Why do we try to hide something? And why people keep telling us to be honest. As people would understand what we are facing and what we are having through out our life.

Honest is the main important thing in our social life. We are told to be honest to everyone, so we can make our life better. Not knowing that sometimes, honesty itself can kill us immediately if it is not in the right place or time.

Do you know that guns can kill people immediately, and it also can keep you alive if you use it in a perfect time. Same as the honesty, it can kill us quick and it also can keep us alive.

Lie, lie is the bad thing, negative, cursed, thing that everyone hate. Since the first human born in this world, lie are told to be the most cruelest thing in the world. Lie start a war, lie kill people.

But do you know that poison can make people suffer and die from the inside. But if you use it in a correct dose, you can safe life. And most of the time, it safe life. Same as lie, it can kill us gradually from inside but it also can someone alive or make sure that one is safe.

So most of the time, things told to us, it must not really have to be a bad thing or good thing. It is for us to decide how to use it. It is for us to shape our own life and make the end differently.

I use to kept secret and tell a lie. And I use to become honest when I should. But lie still a lie and I’m honest about the honest thing about my life. If you are honest about your lie, it does not make sense. I cannot tell the truth about a lie.

So how to break this rules honestly? It is a complicated theory.

For example, if someone would ask you to tell the truth, what you should do is to tell that person the truth, at the same time, you will put the lie behind the dot of your sentences. It means that you will not mention about the lie but giving the capital or the heading about it.

If you are late for a meeting, because you woke up late in the morning because last night you are partying the whole night long, then the only truth you would tell is, I woke up late because I sleep late last night. Leaving the fact about the party last night.

The hard thing when someone ask you to describe about the late sleep thing. You would say about where do you go for example to Mimi’s house.

For someone that are too curious, she/he would say, what are you doing there?

And you would answer just hanging around, drinking and chatting.

For all the statement you made, everything was honest and the truth. But not completely honest and the lie you are hiding is there in the statement but it is behind the dot..

I’m just hanging around, drinking and chatting. Partying.  behind the dot.

Completely honest but at the same time, not telling the truth.

18th December 2007.


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