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IP MAN   It has been a long time since I have seen a good movie in the cinema. A fewdayss ago I am watching The earth Stood Still and Cicakman 2 and I am pretty much disappointed on both movie. Especially Cicakman 2. I am anticipating for that movie but then it end like this. The movie does not have any strength in it. No strength in the story line, no strength in its jokes, and even no strength in the CGI part. As for The earth stood still, as suspected, the CGI part was world class, the story quite strong but still, at the end of the movie, I does not have the excitement of watching. Nothing impressing. IP MAN? Was is that? At first I heard about the movie, I don't really gave attention on it. But today, as no more movie to watch, I choose IP MAN. And I saw the poster on the cinema wall saying that it was about Bruce Lee's KungFu Master. Ok. Enough for that, I would watch this movie. At the end of the movie, I really don't want it to end. I really excited. I was r

Say no to Sime Darby for IJN

1. I'm not really sure on how to say about this. But suddenly when i open up my television yesterday around 8pm, I heard about this Sime darby want to takeover IJN or more appropriately said that IJN will be privatize. A little shock about it. 2. Since the beginning, I am so disagree about this because I thought IJN is so grand and important asset of Malaysia and how can it be privatize so easily like privatizing Telecomunication company or something. My point is, IJN is dealing with people health, life and death of someone, and we should not look to IJN as a place to collect money. 3. I am not really sure what privatizing means. I just know exactly that it means, everything would be expensive, price would be twice as high as before and better services promises only upgrade to around 15 % for 100% increase in the price. So, when i heard about this thing, i just know that it mean that you need to double your money before lying on IJN bed for surgery. 4. Today, one of our lecturer

Bahasa Melayu Takkan hilang di Dunia

1. Again the petrol price decrease here in malaysia. Is it a good sign or a sign of slow economy throught out the world? I am not really into economy. 2. Listening to the current issue of using english language in science and math, I kind of disagree if the program discontinue. I think it is a good program for the young generation to master english later in their life. I feel so regretful because i did not have a chance like them to learn more practical english in school. If do so, my english would be much better today. I think Malay language will not dissappear even you use english for every task in your life. Thats because if someone use english language in school, in work, or anywhere, they will still use Malay language in home. So mastering both language is possible without eliminating one of them. I remember reading Da Vinci Code, where the main female character was strictly order to use france language in home and english outside the house. It could be a good idea to do somethi

Malique Ok!

1.I just bought Malique Cd entitled Ok!. 2. Salute to Malique. After the last album of Too Phat, 360 degree, i was hoping some more from Too Phat. And when they released Rebirth to Reality album, i am a little dissapointed because not many song in it attract me. Only song like Dua Dunia make me feel hip hop again. 3. But this time when i first listen to this Ok! album, i was really attracted. And i am so enjoyed because of it. How should i describe it. It is like a simple in complexity music, with poweful lyrics, and powerful chorus line. The album is so perfect. And it is a first album that i found really a Malaysian Album. The artistic part, the hip hop part, it was so fused in this album. 4. Song like Mentera Beradu, Kau yang punya, Khayal, and many more can be hear as many time as i could. I was really shocked on how Malique managed to create such a beautiful Malaysia's Hip hop music. 5. Listening to many Bahasa Melayu rapper today, such as ahli fiqir, got one more i listen

Kundasang rude people

1. last week Friday, me and my family was having a nice holiday to Kundasang. 2. I was a little unhappy with Kundasang people because i found out that they are not that friendly as i imagine. Even a hotel receptionist does not have a friendly face or even a smile when we are asking about a room. 3. Only 3 hotel showing a real customer friendly type of services that is Pine Resort Hotel, Perkasa Hotel and Strawberry hotel. We stay at Strawberry hotel because of this factor and the room is affordable. Rm130 pernight with 5 beds in the room. 4. When we are driving inside kundasang town, we are driving so slowly because we are new and we did not know much about the road there. That is when i found out about the rudeness of kundasang people. Almost all of the car honked to us. And even some of them drive pass us and give a 'fuck' sign to us. Is this the way people over there treat tourist ? Or threat? 5. All the vegetables are expensive over there. It is weird because that plac

Hate teachers?

This is just a thread. I found out that one of my friend is forcing me and leading me to become a teacher hater. I just want to clarify that i did not hate teachers. They teach us and i appreciate that the knowledge they gave is my provision today. But should this make them God? And make them human with no mistake? If I would critics on every teachers, it would take my whole life to classify the bad and the good teachers. So rather than making a personal critics, I am more likely to look at the system. They way of people looking at teachers, and the way of teachers looking to themselves. This is the point I want to make from my imperfection writing. So, making an argument with me is just wasting of time if you did not understand what i am trying to explain. Doctors are holding on hippocratic oath saying 'To consider dear to me, as my parents, him who taught me this art ; to live in common with him and, if necessary, to share my goods with him; To look upon his children as my ow

Recruite Cinta songsang - a truth about university life in Malaysia.

1. I've seen so much in the news about this up rising culture happening here in Malaysia. Someone should try to stop this for becoming more and more? Yes. I agree about that. 2. When i woke up this morning and i tune into Malaysia premiere channel showing some talk show they called Selamat Pagi Malaysia, the issue burst out again, again. Now they are giving some statistic research or whatever showing that more lesbian girl become lesbian or they called it pengkid because of their hatred to male as result of unsuccessful relationship in their past. While the gay boys, they usually started at university level thus now the authority is targetting the university level to stop this homosexual culture. 3. They are still trying to search for the cause of this in the university, is it life style? They said that because male live together, they become gay... that is nonsense. I live with male since my form 4 in secondary school and i never become homo. 4. What i would like to share here

Oil increase, Price Up. Oil down. Price up

1. When the oil price increase here in Malaysia, all the item and stuff prices also went up. higher than ver expected. But when the oil price decrease and became cheap, the other stuff, groceries, food prices going down... really a problem 2. Fish. When the oil price increase, the fish price went so high here in Labuan. The fisherman gave reason that they have to increase the prices of their seafood including fish because the petrol they used to fish was so expensive. I thought they got subsidized... ?? Now the oil price decrease.. fish prices still climbing up. What is the reason now? No one knows. 3. I think someone has to do something for the above problem. 4. Bloggers code of conduct? Malaysia is suggesting that. I do not know what code would be there for bloggers but i agree if bloggers put out their name and full profile in their blog because i hate bloggers who complain but did not want the public know him/her so he/she would be free from resposnsibility of his/her writing. B

Labuan Politics

Sitting on a canteen today listening to all the current political issues in labuan. 1. I did not care much about politics in labuan but still, as a voting citizen, i really am curious on who is actually the people representative here in Labuan now? It seems that there is two people ruling this small island. 2. I heatd that during Perwakilan Election, one of the wakil was having an accident and had to be sent to KK but the vote is still full even with an absent voters. 3. I really am dissapointed about current politics in Labuan, too much corruption, too much bereaucracy. 4. Last APACPH conferrence, one of the participant ( an australian citizen) was asking about the difference between Okinawa and Malaysia ( Okinawa is an island in Japan where her health level was so impressive there) regarding their community and the leader. He said that the leader was choosen by the people, but here in Malaysia, yes we are having an election but we vote for party and the party choose a leader for

Labuan car workshop?

1. I was really sad about today. Since my car absorbers are damaged both front left and right side, so i spend Rm235 to buy a pair new one. I send my car to a Bengkel in labuan called comfortable autoshop or in Malay we called it Bengkel Selesa. I thought it was the best. The first thing that make me sad today is about the price. I bought all the parts and ask the tauke there to install it and he charged me rm80. In KK, the highest price for me to install part is rm35. That is the highest. I still can accept that. Maybe it is really hard to install an absorber. The second thing is, when i drove my car back from the workshop after a whole day leaving my car day ( I went home first then came back to the shop to take my car), when i reached my home, i realized that there is a big scratch at the side of my car which i did not realize before this. What i realize is that scratch does not exist before i sent that car to the workshop. I immediately went to the workshop back to ask about it

Teacher, Cikgu, Guru?

1. When i was a little kid, i always praise the teacher because i thought that they are the one who is the greatest among all. Well said, who is a doctor without a teacher, who is a police without a teacher. Everyone need a teacher. But when i grow up, i realize that the definition of teacher is not about a person or multiple person. It is more on how do you learn, yourself, your experience, that is what teach you throught out your life. I am a little concern about the young generation or even older generation of teacher which i think that not all the teachers are great teachers after all. Some of the teacher only know how to collect money from the people and using the name of the teacher to make themselves look superior. No one can fight what teacher said. Teacher always right. No way. Teachers are 50% right and 50% wrong. And what are wrong is also what teach us to go on. What i see now in this beautiful country of Malaysia, not more than half of the teachers is a great teacher. I

Empowering Rural Health promotion 2008 conference

1. I spend a week of my holiday for this 2 days conference in UMS and Sikuati, Kudat. It was a nice conference organized by our School Of Medicine UMS. Maybe not all of the things i can understand during the conference but sure i love it because I can see different educated people from different country. 2. The best paper presented for me, in my opinion, is Mental health in Rural area. haha. I maybe bias since i have undergone my Psychiatric posting and our lecturer Dr.Wendy was presenting the paper so, so much bias if i choose this one. So i think, if i reconsider, I would choose Dr. Walter Patrick paper because 2 of my friends and one of my junior were involved in that discussion. Dr. Walter Patrick was a very intelligent and a nice teacher. 3. The food is the main thing that encourage us to go the conference. Since we do not have much money by the end of semester, this is a big oppurtunity for us to get a free meal while learning. nice. 4. A few days ago, my friend lie to me tell

Way to study.

Since I am in primary school. I never have a standard way of studying since I changed school from a saint school to Boarding school, so I never found the best way of study yet, or I did not realized it. I found a lot of interesting way of study among my friends and person that I know. Here I will listed some of them: 1. Study while listening music – the most common method used by student today. 2. Study while eating junk food – another most common method but this one not healthy. 3. Study in a quiet place- usually sentimental type of person would like this 4. Study while drinking coffee – 5. Study and keep talking to him/herself. 6. Study while lying on the bed. 7. Study while standing and walking around. 8. Study in the washroom ( I have seen one of my junior do this) 9. Study by teaching others ( can be quite annoying to others) 10. Study while surfing the internet ( most of the time, this person surf his mind too far until she/he forget where he/she sto

UMS? No problem. Queen Elizabeth? Problem

1. Funny. Queen Elizabeth hospital main building was closed... I am in Papar district posting so i am not really paying attention to any new development in Kota KInabalu. But then one day the AMO in Papar hospital was saying Queen Elizabeth hospital is shutting down. Then few of our lecturers also say so. Shutting down? hahaha. How can the only referral hospital in Sabah being closed? 2. Regarding the above issues, i am feeling a little afraid on future of medicine in Sabah. Heard that they are starting to build UMS Hospital. But that is a big long term plan. maybe take at least 5 years to finish the project. I do not care about it. Why those people who knew that Queen is too old and need to be replaced wait until this situation happen. 3. How can we follow ward round nowadays if half patients in Kuala penyu, the others in Beufort. We are imagining that the ward round is done by car. Consultant car in the front, medical officer, houseman, medical student, nurses. hahah. 4. Hope to

4 issues on me

1. I think politic in Malaysia becoming stable nowadays since PM announcing that he is going down next year. I think the opposition got nothing to gain today. 2. Oil price is decreasing, good news. I hope grocery and other stuff including food can reduce the price also. 3. Still thinking about why people hate UMS so much? Why don't people hate small small private college that teach nothing but keep getting money from student rather than trying to shut down UMS, one of the goverment university and the only university in Sabah. One blog saying that UMS is nothing but a political promise by Tun Dr.Mahathir. That is mean that if opposition wins in sabah, they will not build a university for Sabah? what a nonsense. It is not a political promise but a need to this big land. 4. I am posted in Papar district hospital nowaday and i can see that nursing student area teach more properly in performing procedure compare to us medical students. Why? I am not sure about it but we were teached

4 things.

1.Every night i watch the Media saying that the world oil price is decreasing rapidly. It is so cheap now then. But why the oil price here in Malaysia still high? even they said that they increase it because the world oil price is increasing. Now it is decreasing and still the oil price remain high in Malaysia. 2. I don't want Dato seri Anwar Ibrahim to be our prime minister. I don't like his attitude. you know, ever since we were independent and ever since the first prime minister of malaysia, all of our prime minister is so called perfect leader. But the leader like DSAI doesn't look so perfect after all. 3. Lots of things are throw to my university lately highlighting how bad my medical school are. But no one that wrote the blog know what is happening then here in Sabah rather than taking some random information from someone unreliable. If person can say anything without any prove like this, then i would also like to say that the writer of that blog is homosexual. I ha

Mahathir nonsense?

I just read Mahathir Blog on and i was really upset about it. I am supporting Mahathir but to write such article about Permatang Pauh i was really disagree to him. He was only blaming the current PM regarding the lost in Permatang Pauh which i think is too emotional and personal. I think, Dato Seri Abdullah is the less person talking in the Television before the election. I think the defeat is not because the PM but the candidate himself not enough to beat Dato Seri Anwar which is known to be more expert in politics. So sorry but i disagree about that article.

Oil price decrease and total defeat

I am so shock, just a few days before the small election in Permatang Pauh, suddenly without hesitation the goverment drop the oil price 15 cents. Actually, not without hesitation, i think they thought for a long time for us the citizen of Malaysia. They reallty want to decrese the oil price but the time to make it drop is not appropriate. THis is because the election is about to happen. Same as saiful angkat sumpah about the sodomy case. If he done it after the election or earlier or i don't know but i think it is also not appropriate. It make people think something is fishy about it. Then, the total defeat of the BN party during the election yesterday. I was not shocked about it. I am a person who use the internet and also watch TV, and everything in the TV was not what really happen and what is in the internet, is reality for nowadays. Things is going a little crazy with the politics now. I was really dissapointed about it. It seems that everyone is becoming selfish today. I

Going to Kuching

Well,I am going to Kuching on the 18th of Mei 2009 for my elective posting. Wahaha. I am so happy about it i just don't know why. I feel like i have some unfinished job there in Kuching. But i do not know what it is. but then, i am looking forward to go there.


I am so glad hearing that PTPTN will decreased it interest to 1% from 3 %. At least i would save around 5 thousand something maybe. Or maybe 10. I dunno, maybe they should not put any interest to the loan but it is a loan, so for me, i was relieved to hear the news. I was in a great amount of desperation for money nowadays. The other thing that government should look is the increasing price of almost everything today. I was so tired of spending rm10 per day for meals cause one meal usually cause rm4.50 today. 2 meals already cost rm9. A day! If i calculate that, i would spend rm70 per weeks only for meals, and it would be rm280. Wow. 6 months would cost rm1680. Wow. And because i am a human that not need only food to live, i need other things to dress me well, so would spend more than that for 6 months. Wait, because my class everyday is whether in HQE and Bukit Padang, no bus would be easily go there i think, so i drive my old car to class to get my knowledge. So then, the governme

Talking to people

It is kind of fun doing practical in Hospital Bukit Padang or can i say Mental hospital. It is so different from doing work in medical or surgical or any clinical department. Mental hospital is different. Well, i talk to this guy and he claimed that he met god and he is now a messenger to tell all the people that God is one, and all religion is true because he said that how many human in this world, that is how god look. Don't take it seriously, this person diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I do not know, whether he is saying the truth but i am sure he is not normal. Sometimes, i feel weird about Schizo patient, they talk about something so unreal. Like one patient that have an audio hallucination. When asked about why he run away naked on the road, he answered " Can i ask my wife first?" then he look to his right where there is no one there then he continued, " My wife said, after we all dead, we are all in the same place.." It is kind of gothic righ

Same Identification Number

I just heard from the TV saying that our Malaysian Identification Number consist of 6 date of birth number in the front followed by 2 digit number representing place of birth code number then follow by 4 more numbers. So what i heard in the TV said that the last 6 number should be different for each persons in this country. The problem is, i knew this boy that is younger than me and we have the same last 6 numbers in our IC. At first i felt that we are lucky. But now i feel that it should be a problem. What if there is a complication in registration anywhere. So i am thinking whether to report this or not. But i think the one who should report it is the boy because he is younger than me and the error should be with him. But i will try to solve this puzzle immediately. What the heck. my IC number is 860323155059, anyone got the same number as me?

Orietation day and bully.

Hmm, what is the different between orientation and bullying your junior? Two different things can look the same. But it actually not. And this year i heard that my medical school orientation day for the junior is much better than the last year, and last year i was getting into some trouble with the junior when i criticize the way they conduct the orientation day. This year I missed it. I woke up late this morning and eventually missed the orientation day. Even though, i heard from my colleague that the orientation day is much better than the last year and i am glad to hear that. Well, actually, i am a bully when i was in boarding school. Maybe i am a big size guy thus all the junior afraid of me a little. But then, after a few times get caught on bullying the junior, in the end, i understand what is actually the difference between your age? The difference is in your experience. Junior may be more experienced than you. Maybe they are living in a life more tougher than you while you a

Malaysia big debat on oil price issue Anwar VS Shebry

When i woke up this morning, the first thing i remembered is about the debate last night. It was so great and the for the first time Malaysia was so open and let the opposition give out their idea and voice live on television. So everyone can see the truth, who is right and who is wrong. It is a debate for Malaysian to judge. Well, it is so clear that since the beginning, Anwar looks really prepared for the debate. All the word and idea came from him was fascsinating. So clever and great. But Dato Shebry also one of great debator where he can talk on a debate. But only talk for me. He did not really discussion about the real topic for the debate. I was really shock about the situation where our goverment send this man to fight with Anwar. At least get a dude who know something. He even cannot answer about the lost of billions of money after the last increase of oil price in malaysia ( where the oil price increase rm0.30 a few years ago). What he do is only talking about Anwar past re

Price increase

I went to Giant mall last night, well, there is a lot of changes in the price of everything inside Giant or even any other shops nowadays.. I was shocked when i saw one of my favourite snack 'NIPS" that usually cost me rm1.49 now already become rm2.19. How big is the difference. I was very very upset about it. even Instant noodles that usually cost around rm2.99 or rm3.15 not going up to minimum rm3.60. How can i continue living as a student like this. even Mixed rice in all restaurant would cost me at least RM4. Not like before where we can found rm3 dishes. I think, even though government claimed that they are using subsidize money for petrol to subsidize food, well i don't see any decreasing in food price? What a nonsense life we are living now?

I got B only

Well, i got B only in my professional exam third year. But im happy about it. Beacuse it was so hard yo.


I'm currently in orthopaedic posting this 2 months. My hand injured, got some inflammation on distal radioulnar joint. Do know why. but it is a burning pain. I hate it. I can't type so much now. Only this few put a lot of effort. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow it will disappear maybe eventually.


My mistake. My mistake. First things I want to discuss here is how I made this mistake. It all started when I was in Matriculation College. At that time, there was this person who invited all the Matriculation College’s student to get a form and filled it to request for Shell scholarship. A lot of student went to take the form and beseech the scholarship. One mistake I made is I get that form from my father in his company since my father work as a Polis Bantuan Shell so he get the form earlier than anyone else. So it was not a problem for me. I can just filled that form and hand it directly to the company man. It is more convenient for me. No problem. But then, trusting a man who supposed to be handling that thing in the company is another mistake I have made. We send our form to that man which supposed to handle it but he said to us that you need to hand it that form in the second semester of my Matriculation study which is so nonsense when I think it back today. All other student

Sexy School Uniform

At last, after a few years of thinking, now there is a trigger from somewhere that want to talk about this issues. Well, there is some rumor saying that Malaysia's girl students uniform was sexy until there is increasing in number of cases such as rape and sexual abuse. This issues have been circulating to the superior up to the parliament and some people are asking for the uniform to be changed to another type that is more polite and non-sexy and i do not know what kind of uniform that will be. Let us go back to the old history and myths. Where girl were ask to wear a special type of underwear where there is a lock and a man couldn't do anything if they did not find the key for the lock. It is a myth or fact which i do not really sure about. But this thing reflect this kind of situation when people start asking the government to change the girl students' uniform by the reason that it was so sexy. I have been in a secondary school before. I have seen the uniform, i have

Magic medicine

Ah. Time to update my blog. Time to create a new post. But... i haven't think of something to write. I have no idea. There is nothing that dissatisfy me within this few weeks. hmm, Maybe just a little story to tell on alternative medicine. Yes. The alternative medicine. particularly the traditional one. I'd wrote something on this issue a few months or maybe years ago on how i did not agree about choosing traditional medicine and how Malaysia keep educating the citizen on how good traditional medicine is. I keep thinking about this nonsense. I never believe traditional medicine or stuff like that. Stuff like if you get called by a number, you answer it and you die. Maybe it do happen, but I will never believe it. I'm anti of this stuff. But not truly I would say this stuff did not exist. It do exist. The matter of whether you trust it or not is the thing that we need to understand. My story in this post is not regarding this deadly phone call. But rather i would talk on

Muslim Forget

Better do not talk if you don’t have the right knowledge. This is what people always say to me and to the other people regarding religious discussion. My thinking is not stereotype and it is my nature think and doubt about everything. And I hate when people talk like they know everything, but then, knowing everything does not mean that you are the only one that can talk about it. Providing a quote from Koran and Hadis does not mean that you are right. This is what happen when people did not put their common sense on the thing they said. Always accepting religion without thinking of the consequences. Not even the Muslim, but also the non Muslim. The film Fitna is the consequences of quoting something from Koran without putting a common sense and logic behind it. Thus, I synchronize this with some of the Muslim who always put what they see and learn in their religion and use it against the other without thinking. What happen today is, people are going to start war because of the film


Well, I am a Student and for real, i did not bother much about AUKU because since I enter University, i never really think that i will have a problem later if this AUKU was deleted or not or something. But since everyone is talking about it now, it become so interesting so i read it myself to see really what actually went wrong with the act. Well, honestly, i did not really agree when they said that University student will not become excellent in their study because that act is restricting us to join any political group or whatever. Because for me, I saw all around me in the University that there is a lot of program and activity that can lead and teach the student on how to become a leader. Lot of exposure were given to us in our study, not just basically sitting down reading books or something. For the first time in my life when i enter University that i am exposed to the community, i was sent to rural area to promote health, to educate people, to learn about leadership, to work as

It's my birthday (sucks Manja Rasa)

Well, happy birthday to me. I am so happy now that i turn 22. For this year, i am celebrating my birthday with my family. I am so happy because it has been a long time since the last time i celebrate it with my family. A few things disappointed me during my birthday celebration. We went to a seafood buffet restaurant called Manja Rasa in Labuan. Well, everytime we went there, there will be a lot of seafood ready on the freezer for us to grill and steamboat it in a Korean Style. Same as Kampung Nelayan in Kota Kinabalu. But this time i was dissapointed. This is because we walk in into the restaurant and found out that a few strategic table already been booked. But we don't care. Cause my family only consist of 4 members so we do not need to book a table or what. We found a place to seat, nice place also. In the beginning, i am having a great mood and hopefully a great food. Well, it was great in the beginning, but what happen in the middle of my happiness is, there is no more seafo

Am i like that before?

Today, when i walk around the town, i saw a lot of teenagers walking around with their friends with their puppy love one and some of them just wandering around alone. Well, i consider myself a teenager. But i don't know. Is 22 years old still consider a teenager? I see a lot of difference between them and me... but am i like that before? There are different type of teens that i saw today. The first one that i noticed is a group of teens consist of 2 boys and 3 girls wearing a simple T-shirt, khakis, proper snickers, maybe they are chinese. Look like chinese. All of them walking around together then enter a fast food restaurant, sitting all together, eating and laughing along. Hmm, it is nice to see them. I remember the time when i was like that. Hanging around with my friends. Let me guess, this must be a group of Matriculation College students. I never step and ask them cause that is a strange thing to do. But i know, they must be Matric's Student. Another group that i notic


If someone comes to you and ask for direction, where would you put your finger to? If someone comes to you and ask for your advice, how do you choose the correct word? People usually seek someone if they are hurt and if they feel that they are being leave along. Human is so interesting. This is because, since before birth, we always seek for something. Like the sperm seeking the ovum, babies were seeking for their mom, a teenager seeking for their love one, an adult who would seek for their purpose of existence. We always need to find something, and it is natural. I myself, usually ask for someone’s opinion regarding any problem that I faced. I need someone to give me some word that can give me another reason to keep going on. I need a guide and a direction from someone that already experience thing before me. What should we do if people ask question regarding their problem? A problem that you might encounter by yourself in your life or a problem that you never encounter but it is c

Still Like This I do survive

What is happening to Universiti Malaysia Sabah Internet connection. So sucks until i can't log in to blogger... Actually i do can access the internet but our school prohibited us to go to our beloved LabCom anymore after a few computer been stolen. So, for us to connect to the internet, we can only use our Village Wireless connection which is sucks and a few fast wireless connection is too far, and we are to busy for our exam. Speaking about exam. haha, i finish it with style. I'm not saying i am too good in that exam but, i did complete it with a smile. I remember the time our Ophthalmologist kick me out the exam room because i can't remember the common cause for Homonymous Hemianopia. I know the answer actually but i am to nervous to say it. haha. I feel very shame on myself. Ok, then come the time when we all try to celebrate our end of posting exam. But it seems that this time, no one really celebrate it because everyone is busy packing their stuff to go back to their

On Honeymoon Posting

Well, did i tell earlier that i started my forensic posting last week. haha. I'll be having this posting for 2 weeks. I hate forensic honestly. I hate the smell of dead body, even worse, the decomposed body. But have to endure it for this two weeks. Last group look a little relax on this posting, so i hope after a hard work in Klinik Kesihatan Luyang, i will be enjoying my honeymoon for this 2 weeks in forensic. Basically, forensic posting is all about waiting. Waiting for the dead to come. And if there is a body come to the department, we all would e very happy. To think in a common sense way, it is not apt to be happy about it. But that is all the entertainment for us. If there is no death, then we will be like a dumb waiting in our pantry. The problem is, lot of the classes were cancel within this two weeks, and there is not much dead people arrived. Hell. I only went for 2 post mortem, and both cases were not suitable for a case report that have to submit next Monday. I wi

Valentine's Day Special

As the time goes by, I keep reading and reading my books and search for knowledge everyday. My life always be fun everyday because I have this kind of formula on unplanned plan. Everyday, instead of the schedule given by my school, I never plan for anything else. Never plan on where to go for dinner, what to do at night, and never ask why I have to do something. I just flow like that everyday, and it is fun. Always fun to be like this. Sometimes, I even did not count the day and time. Occasionally I look at there calendar and I found that it is already January, 4th of February, 13th of February, what? It’s already February. It always fun to be like this. To be surprised by the date. In my life, I only remember my birthday, Sunday, and holiday. Ok, so last night, someone was reminding me about today. What day is today? “Its valentine’s day” Haha. The day came. A day for all the lovers and couples to express their feeling to each other, give present, flower or something like that