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New Year Ghost

Tomorrow, a new year will begin. I’m feeling great about it. It’s been a long time since I celebrate the last New Year celebration. When was it? The year 2003. I still remember that night clearly in my mind. All of our family sitting on the field with eyes looking at the sky, for 30 minutes later, the dark sky with shining star turned colorful. The sparkling fireworks above us. It was so beautiful, and memorable. That happens 5 years ago, just after I finish my SPM exam. That time, I wouldn’t expect that I will be here studying medicine. At that time, I did not expect that so many things will happen 5 years later. And how would I change so much, and how much I did not change. A year later, things change. A lot of things happen to me. A lot of new experience I gained and after that, year after year, I am what I am right now. 31st December 2007, I am remembering the past. Recalling every person I met, every place I have went, every things that I give up with, and every moment that