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On Honeymoon Posting

Well, did i tell earlier that i started my forensic posting last week. haha. I'll be having this posting for 2 weeks. I hate forensic honestly. I hate the smell of dead body, even worse, the decomposed body. But have to endure it for this two weeks. Last group look a little relax on this posting, so i hope after a hard work in Klinik Kesihatan Luyang, i will be enjoying my honeymoon for this 2 weeks in forensic. Basically, forensic posting is all about waiting. Waiting for the dead to come. And if there is a body come to the department, we all would e very happy. To think in a common sense way, it is not apt to be happy about it. But that is all the entertainment for us. If there is no death, then we will be like a dumb waiting in our pantry. The problem is, lot of the classes were cancel within this two weeks, and there is not much dead people arrived. Hell. I only went for 2 post mortem, and both cases were not suitable for a case report that have to submit next Monday. I wi

Chinese New Year Tale

I am a little down for this few weeks. Thinking that something might happen today, something might happen today while actually nothing is happening to me accept everything just float around leaving me behind without anything to hold on. Chinese new year celebration could be a fun day to start. I could use this new year to re create myself and be again in a life where i use to take control. A night full of red colour, i take my chances, driving from UMS to Kota Kinabalu to meet my cousin and pick up friends from UMS KAL, i'm changing myself to become more enjoyable tonight. A night of chinese new year eve. The first thing we do, is to grab a box of donut in BIG APPLE and drive ourselves to Tanjung Aru Beach. Sitting there watching the sea at night, was so wonderful and it is something that make my life cool down a bit. Make me more patience. Since the beginning of this day, i was complaining about everything. After i opened my eyes in the morning, i complaint about the post