Chinese New Year Tale

I am a little down for this few weeks. Thinking that something might happen today, something might happen today while actually nothing is happening to me accept everything just float around leaving me behind without anything to hold on.

Chinese new year celebration could be a fun day to start. I could use this new year to re create myself and be again in a life where i use to take control.

A night full of red colour, i take my chances, driving from UMS to Kota Kinabalu to meet my cousin and pick up friends from UMS KAL, i'm changing myself to become more enjoyable tonight. A night of chinese new year eve.

The first thing we do, is to grab a box of donut in BIG APPLE and drive ourselves to Tanjung Aru Beach. Sitting there watching the sea at night, was so wonderful and it is something that make my life cool down a bit. Make me more patience.

Since the beginning of this day, i was complaining about everything. After i opened my eyes in the morning, i complaint about the post mortem that we have to attend at noon. I complaint when the body to be dissected arrived late and i complaint about the smell of the corpse. Everything seems to be going on wrong in my life.

Did i made a wrong choice? Did i lie to myself? Or am i being too honest about everything? I don't know. World is not flat. World is not what we imagine. World is what we are living that make us feel like we don't want to live anymore.

So when i smell and feel the air at the beach, i feel so comfortable. Like the world is comforting me. As i always say to myself about being patient. Don't get mad. Just live it like this. Just be yourself. Now, the world is saying that to me.

Next, after the fun at the beach, we drive to centre point to watch movie. CJ7 i think. We being planning to see this movie since a weeks ago. We bought the ticket, and for a hour and a half of waiting, we play pool in a corner where there are not so many people around.

At first, me and my cousin were playing. And later the friends from UMS-KAL replaced us. Learning how to play, and we teached them how to play. We have fun. Laughing, hitting the ball, and laughing again.

But then, something terrible happen. One of my friend from UMS-KAL seems to be confused because her wallet disappear from her bag that she put on the table beside the pool table. And one of my other friend from UMS-KAL are guarding the table and the bag. How come the wallet disappear just like that?

We take time to think, then finally we made a conclusion. Someone steal her dompet. Aiya. Our movie are starting in a few minutes. We are going round and round searching for her wallet and asking the staff around to find us. But nothing can be done. Everyone is busy. We are allowed to look at the CCTV but we hardly can talk with the women in charge since there is a lot of people losing their bag and wallet that night. Not just us.

So nothing can be done. We drive to the nearest police station, and we have to report about the lost. While the three of my UMS-KAL friends are reporting to the police on-call, me and my cousin had a conversation. Talking about a lot of stuff to keep us entertained.

Finish the report around 1 am in the morning. We sent those three girls back to their place. Me and my cousin then went to Sadong Jaya to eat come nasi lemak. Well, nothing to do. We burn our movie ticket, everything was wrong that night. The comfort of the beach no longer fresh in my physical body. I hate ruined night. Ruined plan.

It seems that it is true that everything that i plan cannot be a success. Until when i will have this curse and i don't know. My life, since the early life, was unplanned. I never plan to do something and get it right.

Maybe the last thing i plan is to enter medical school then i got it.

I remember in Harold and Kumar Goes to White Castle movie, Harold said " I want that feeling, a feeling of a man that get what he desire."

Me, also, want that feeling. A feeling of myself getting what i want and what i plan for done right.

But i also remember the phrase.... don't try to unfold the universe, because the universe will unfold itself. Maybe keeping myself low and patient, can bring some good luck to me later. haha... I wish, i will get to that time soon.

Happy Chinese New Year!


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