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Valentine's Day Special

As the time goes by, I keep reading and reading my books and search for knowledge everyday. My life always be fun everyday because I have this kind of formula on unplanned plan. Everyday, instead of the schedule given by my school, I never plan for anything else. Never plan on where to go for dinner, what to do at night, and never ask why I have to do something. I just flow like that everyday, and it is fun. Always fun to be like this.

Sometimes, I even did not count the day and time. Occasionally I look at there calendar and I found that it is already January, 4th of February, 13th of February, what? It’s already February. It always fun to be like this. To be surprised by the date. In my life, I only remember my birthday, Sunday, and holiday.

Ok, so last night, someone was reminding me about today. What day is today?

“Its valentine’s day”

Haha. The day came. A day for all the lovers and couples to express their feeling to each other, give present, flower or something like that. Most of them blindly assume that this day is the day to put down their insecurities. Many make mistake on this day. But the day should always be appreciated since it is the day for love. The day that everyone must love, no war, no fight, no hatred. It is a good day nice.

Last Friday, when I was sitting in the mosque, waiting for the Khutbah, I was reading an article from Muslim Student organization (or something like that). The article mentioned about valentine’ day, about the history, about the story behind it and why they celebrate it. I read it with open minds. I understand the content, and as far as I know, I have been taught about this since I was in primary school. Many people give different opinion about this day.

When I turn on the TV this morning, there was a forum discussing about Teenage love. They are saying that they need to stop this kind of love. They give lots of opinion and lots of suggestion on how to prevent it. By claiming that the teenage to study, and only focus on study, love is only a distraction, lots of problem would occur with it. Every negative perspective have been spit out by the speaker.

So, when it comes to this day, adult would always bring out this issue. When it comes to this day, religious people would always bring out this issue. All of them trying to put down this day, making this day feel so guilt to be celebrated.

So what is it about anyway? I have seen Valentine’s day every year. I know that people are telling the truth about the negative side of this day. This day could bring a lot of impact if you are overstepping it. And I know about the history behind this day. Could be I’m having a sin by appreciating this day. But I don’t give my total agreement for all of this. I did not.
This is because, for me, a day where people are ask to love each other is not a bad thing to do. In this world right now, what we need and only is love. Looking around the world, love is depleting and war emerged. Love is actually the thing that create and that can save us.

The issues of teenage love always being raised in this day. This is not the fault of this day. This is the fault of them by themselves. Teenager should be teach to love in the right way. It is the job for the adults, for those who are really have experienced with it to teach this young immature group about it. Why must they said that young people love is always bad. Why don’t they teach this young group on how to love in a correct way, in a good way. There is always method.

If we celebrate valentine’s day in a church ( if we are muslim) that could be a sin. But if we encourage people to stop fighting and honoring their love one in this day, it could not be a sin. If we want to talk in a religious perspective, we should talk about Halal and Haram about love. Not about the day. In my opinion, in Islam, love is always firs priority. We should Love the God, and we should love mankind. What is matter now is the history behind this day that some people do not want to accept. It is true. We can’t be obsess about this day. It is wrong looking to the history. But what if, in this day, we say that we love someone. Could be we are saying we love our friends, love our parents, love our best friend, sister, and so many more. It could be a good thing. Why don’t we just celebrate it as a day to love people around us? Not to celebrate the history. Like we are celebrating the New Year, all of us celebrate is does not matter if you are Muslim or non. It’s a day that we are waiting for, we gather with our family, go spend some time with friends and everything, no one raised the issues of new year while the calendar we are using right now are calculated using the birth of Christ as a marker. But no one care because we did not celebrate it because of that but because of new year is the time for everyone.

Bla bla bla.

Anyway, I did not see my point here is actually true about this day. Haha. This is because, in valentine’ day, it is always about couples isn’t it. Haha. So the day to love people around you is not suitable for valentine’s. Using my idea would change completely about how they celebrate this day. Argghhh. I am really confused about it though.

As a conclusion, I will always let people decide about it. I totally agree in my religion perspective that we cannot celebrate this day. And I always agree from the adult perspective that this day bring lot of problem. Even though, I always like this day. And I am sure lot of couples our there do. If I said couples, I’m referring to the true lover, a husband and wife out there or for someone who will get married or what ever. If you are in love, a pure love, you should appreciate your love one today. Don’t miss this day just because of people opinion. And for the young couples, go learn some more and grow up quick. Your time will come, cause I know, young lovers always a monkey love. Haha.
You will never know, how love is. Until you use your brain hard enough to think about it very hard. Love that come from the heart, must be analyze by the brain. Haha.

p/s: My hatred is so hard today. Even though it is valentine. A problem that I can’t solve will always me hate those people that always trying to hurt my family. Even it is valentine’s, I will always keep in my heart that anyone that hurt my family will be cursed by the god and if they did not, I will curse them. And don’t let me see you all if I have the opportunity to kill or not saving you from death. Haha.

p/s: Who would be my valentine? Nah, don’t bother to think about


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