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Well, I am a Student and for real, i did not bother much about AUKU because since I enter University, i never really think that i will have a problem later if this AUKU was deleted or not or something. But since everyone is talking about it now, it become so interesting so i read it myself to see really what actually went wrong with the act. Well, honestly, i did not really agree when they said that University student will not become excellent in their study because that act is restricting us to join any political group or whatever. Because for me, I saw all around me in the University that there is a lot of program and activity that can lead and teach the student on how to become a leader. Lot of exposure were given to us in our study, not just basically sitting down reading books or something. For the first time in my life when i enter University that i am exposed to the community, i was sent to rural area to promote health, to educate people, to learn about leadership, to work as

It's my birthday (sucks Manja Rasa)

Well, happy birthday to me. I am so happy now that i turn 22. For this year, i am celebrating my birthday with my family. I am so happy because it has been a long time since the last time i celebrate it with my family. A few things disappointed me during my birthday celebration. We went to a seafood buffet restaurant called Manja Rasa in Labuan. Well, everytime we went there, there will be a lot of seafood ready on the freezer for us to grill and steamboat it in a Korean Style. Same as Kampung Nelayan in Kota Kinabalu. But this time i was dissapointed. This is because we walk in into the restaurant and found out that a few strategic table already been booked. But we don't care. Cause my family only consist of 4 members so we do not need to book a table or what. We found a place to seat, nice place also. In the beginning, i am having a great mood and hopefully a great food. Well, it was great in the beginning, but what happen in the middle of my happiness is, there is no more seafo

Am i like that before?

Today, when i walk around the town, i saw a lot of teenagers walking around with their friends with their puppy love one and some of them just wandering around alone. Well, i consider myself a teenager. But i don't know. Is 22 years old still consider a teenager? I see a lot of difference between them and me... but am i like that before? There are different type of teens that i saw today. The first one that i noticed is a group of teens consist of 2 boys and 3 girls wearing a simple T-shirt, khakis, proper snickers, maybe they are chinese. Look like chinese. All of them walking around together then enter a fast food restaurant, sitting all together, eating and laughing along. Hmm, it is nice to see them. I remember the time when i was like that. Hanging around with my friends. Let me guess, this must be a group of Matriculation College students. I never step and ask them cause that is a strange thing to do. But i know, they must be Matric's Student. Another group that i notic


If someone comes to you and ask for direction, where would you put your finger to? If someone comes to you and ask for your advice, how do you choose the correct word? People usually seek someone if they are hurt and if they feel that they are being leave along. Human is so interesting. This is because, since before birth, we always seek for something. Like the sperm seeking the ovum, babies were seeking for their mom, a teenager seeking for their love one, an adult who would seek for their purpose of existence. We always need to find something, and it is natural. I myself, usually ask for someone’s opinion regarding any problem that I faced. I need someone to give me some word that can give me another reason to keep going on. I need a guide and a direction from someone that already experience thing before me. What should we do if people ask question regarding their problem? A problem that you might encounter by yourself in your life or a problem that you never encounter but it is c

Still Like This I do survive

What is happening to Universiti Malaysia Sabah Internet connection. So sucks until i can't log in to blogger... Actually i do can access the internet but our school prohibited us to go to our beloved LabCom anymore after a few computer been stolen. So, for us to connect to the internet, we can only use our Village Wireless connection which is sucks and a few fast wireless connection is too far, and we are to busy for our exam. Speaking about exam. haha, i finish it with style. I'm not saying i am too good in that exam but, i did complete it with a smile. I remember the time our Ophthalmologist kick me out the exam room because i can't remember the common cause for Homonymous Hemianopia. I know the answer actually but i am to nervous to say it. haha. I feel very shame on myself. Ok, then come the time when we all try to celebrate our end of posting exam. But it seems that this time, no one really celebrate it because everyone is busy packing their stuff to go back to their