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Well, I am a Student and for real, i did not bother much about AUKU because since I enter University, i never really think that i will have a problem later if this AUKU was deleted or not or something.

But since everyone is talking about it now, it become so interesting so i read it myself to see really what actually went wrong with the act.

Well, honestly, i did not really agree when they said that University student will not become excellent in their study because that act is restricting us to join any political group or whatever. Because for me, I saw all around me in the University that there is a lot of program and activity that can lead and teach the student on how to become a leader. Lot of exposure were given to us in our study, not just basically sitting down reading books or something. For the first time in my life when i enter University that i am exposed to the community, i was sent to rural area to promote health, to educate people, to learn about leadership, to work as a group, to be with the community, to be the community. So, it is totally wrong when they said that we are restricted socially.

So, excellence in the university, yes not only based on pointers and exam, but continuous assessment that involved our co-curriculum, community based, our attitude, skills, and everything. And that is what i can see done in my school in UMS. Well, i don't dare to talk about others because maybe they have a different perspective from me.

The next thing is, if student are allowed to be involve in politic, I am sure that there will be a lot of group, party, and small community form in the university based on everyone own group and party. So integration among student surely will disappear immediately. I have see this kind of situation happen even with AUKU still on. When some people start to form their own group, and did not mix with other group, like what we can see in the reality of Malaysia politics right now. So I cannot get along and do activity together with UMNO group in university because i am PAS, or i can't play football on sunday everning because sunday is for DAP while i am PBS supporter. Things like this surely will happen. Someone said to me that maybe, "MAYBE", politics can unite people. But from what i see in reality, politics is the one who break the unity among we all.

We can involve in politics later after we graduate and no one cares. We are not going to stay in the university for the rest of our life. Thus, why not we just study and get that opportunity to be a well educated man first.

But i remember one of my Professor said that in Malaysia, knowledge and education is not important, what is important is politic. Different from the other university oversea where academic is important than politics. Are we training politicians only in Malaysia's University? Until when will our University will be in the top 50 in the world? They are measuring the research and the academic, and not the politic involvement i think.

From my perspective, to become a good politicians, you must first be prepared with a real knowledge in your head. If you are a doctor involving in politics, competing with a College drop out or Class 3 student involving in politics, that doctor have a higher chances to be a good leader rather than the other two.

The last thing is, what I can see today, those people that proposing this AUKU to be demolished is not actually fighting for the students right, but i see more on trying to fight for themselves, for their party, for their politics. I think it is better to fight to reduce the higher fee in the University rather than this. Not all student are politicians, but all student need money for their life.

As a conclusion, if the thing we are talking now is for our right, then AUKU should be abrogated. I think we can ask for our right. But we must think also for the pro and cons. To cancel AUKU to make student more excellence is a nonsense from my perspective. But to cancel it for get out right can be a brave thing to fight. I would say that, I don't support the act, and i don't like the way they fight to cancel it. Sorry for being insensitive.

30 March 2008.


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