It's my birthday (sucks Manja Rasa)

Well, happy birthday to me. I am so happy now that i turn 22. For this year, i am celebrating my birthday with my family. I am so happy because it has been a long time since the last time i celebrate it with my family.

A few things disappointed me during my birthday celebration. We went to a seafood buffet restaurant called Manja Rasa in Labuan. Well, everytime we went there, there will be a lot of seafood ready on the freezer for us to grill and steamboat it in a Korean Style. Same as Kampung Nelayan in Kota Kinabalu. But this time i was dissapointed. This is because we walk in into the restaurant and found out that a few strategic table already been booked. But we don't care. Cause my family only consist of 4 members so we do not need to book a table or what. We found a place to seat, nice place also. In the beginning, i am having a great mood and hopefully a great food. Well, it was great in the beginning, but what happen in the middle of my happiness is, there is no more seafood to eat!!! Isn't it a buffet restaurant where you can eat as much as you can.

Obviously that restaurant have a poor management on food control. I obviously realize that they are waiting for the customers that already book for the a few tables that still did not come. But what the heck! Aren't we a customer too!!!?

It was really sucks. There is no more food over there and the worker there don't even seem to bother about it. We wait and wait for at least 3o minutes, but what we get is only a few meats and sausage. We want seafood!

In the end, we decided to go back, we are full ( with sausage chicken and meat. Where is the seafood?). And at the time we walking out that restaurant, they start to fill up the seafood on the table because the customers that booked earlier have arrived.

So, what is wrong with this story? That restaurant is too stupid to consider only booking customer as their customer and leaving us who pay the same amount of money eating sausage and chicken that we can buy in the street? They really have a poor management on controlling the food. I have been to Fishermen Village in Kota Kibabalu where the concept is the same but over there, there will be no delay on the food ( or the food will never get dry up). Why is that? That is because they know how many they need to give and they consider all the paying people sitting as their customers. It is a common sense. Why do you have to save the food for the not-yet-come customers while you can save for them and serve the current customer at the same time.

So, maybe, it will be the last time i will go to that restaurant again. haha. There is many more great restaurant that i can go. But, they ruin my birthday mood and i hate it. I feel like i want to curse them.

Okay, but the cake was nice. I really love the cake that my sister bought for me. A fruit cheese cake. So nice. Haha.

Hmm, another thing is, there is not many people realizing that today is my birthday even my closest friends. I am so sad. But i am up now a little because the last 3o minutes, it seem that they remember already. But not for someone or some other one. haha.

thank you my family, to Kim Heng Shee ( the first one who wish me), Nuraini, Soo fei, nasibah, zulfa, Ilah, Wilson Bodingin, My cousin Dion, bibi (( who bought me the earliest present this year), Wai Hong, Suzy, Azimah ( My yahoo chat buddy- azimah is her name or i don't know), fanjiet, some girls i'm not sure who in friendster, Jennifer ( is this mei ching?), hmmm, maybe that all la. wait, forget.. almost forget... Jennifer Guma. hahha. Love ya'll.

p/s: I dun want to tell people about my birthday since i'm getting old oledi. it is better for them not to know. and when they forget when i don't forget their birthday, well, i can assume that i choose a wrong person to remember. hahah.


  1. Anonymous11:43 am

    lol. hahaha. hepi berfday!!!
    hahaha. hik :P

    sori la gingg. aku nda pernah ingat bday sapa2, kecuali si bridgette, tu pun pasal bday dia sma ngan aku. hohoh :D :P

    lol, ampunkan aku.. hehehe


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