Still Like This I do survive

What is happening to Universiti Malaysia Sabah Internet connection. So sucks until i can't log in to blogger... Actually i do can access the internet but our school prohibited us to go to our beloved LabCom anymore after a few computer been stolen. So, for us to connect to the internet, we can only use our Village Wireless connection which is sucks and a few fast wireless connection is too far, and we are to busy for our exam.

Speaking about exam. haha, i finish it with style. I'm not saying i am too good in that exam but, i did complete it with a smile. I remember the time our Ophthalmologist kick me out the exam room because i can't remember the common cause for Homonymous Hemianopia. I know the answer actually but i am to nervous to say it. haha. I feel very shame on myself.

Ok, then come the time when we all try to celebrate our end of posting exam. But it seems that this time, no one really celebrate it because everyone is busy packing their stuff to go back to their hometown. For the first time, all of the third year medical student going back home. Before this, there must be someone left in UMS.

I have two days before going back home. So i want to party but with everyone leaving me alone in the hostel, i guess nothing much to do then.

What i'm doing then is most of the time, watching TV about the Malaysia Public Election. It was great to see how a 'stable' government going down so easily in just one night. It is great.

Nothing much to discuss here in this posting. So boring for this one month. I will be taking my elective posting here in my hometown in Labuan. What i will be discussing next in my blog maybe all about my hometown.

I saw a few blog of my friend discussing about politics. I like it but i'm not into it. Don't want to involve in that. So, i am thinking of something to write. Something fresh. Something so fresh. But not now. Now is not the time.ahaha.

_another wasting time to read post_


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