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Muslim Forget

Better do not talk if you don’t have the right knowledge. This is what people always say to me and to the other people regarding religious discussion. My thinking is not stereotype and it is my nature think and doubt about everything. And I hate when people talk like they know everything, but then, knowing everything does not mean that you are the only one that can talk about it. Providing a quote from Koran and Hadis does not mean that you are right. This is what happen when people did not put their common sense on the thing they said. Always accepting religion without thinking of the consequences. Not even the Muslim, but also the non Muslim. The film Fitna is the consequences of quoting something from Koran without putting a common sense and logic behind it. Thus, I synchronize this with some of the Muslim who always put what they see and learn in their religion and use it against the other without thinking. What happen today is, people are going to start war because of the film