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Better do not talk if you don’t have the right knowledge. This is what people always say to me and to the other people regarding religious discussion. My thinking is not stereotype and it is my nature think and doubt about everything. And I hate when people talk like they know everything, but then, knowing everything does not mean that you are the only one that can talk about it. Providing a quote from Koran and Hadis does not mean that you are right.

This is what happen when people did not put their common sense on the thing they said. Always accepting religion without thinking of the consequences. Not even the Muslim, but also the non Muslim. The film Fitna is the consequences of quoting something from Koran without putting a common sense and logic behind it.

Thus, I synchronize this with some of the Muslim who always put what they see and learn in their religion and use it against the other without thinking.

What happen today is, people are going to start war because of the film Fitna which I can see that it is a foolish to do. I realize that those film is really igniting fire inside a muslim heart. Even I did feel so angry with it. Looking at it, the hatred fill my body and I wish that every single person that believe that film to curse to dead by the God.

But the second day after watching that video, I can see that the whole muslim community all over the world are starting riot. Burning flag, showing violence act against the Holand and the non muslim community. Muslim community seem to threatening the Christians which I can see is not appropriate.

Let us look back to the story of Muhammad life. The prophet of god. What happen to him during his life time. Did Islam rules everything at that time. Well, it is not. I still remember the story where a pile of shit is thrown to Prophet Muhammad early in the morning when he walk along a road to the mosque. What did Prophet Muhammad do? Did he declare a war? No. he is not. He go and wash his cloth that has been dirty by the non-muslim, then when he already clean, he goes to the mosque and pray. How patient he is. And what happen then during his lifetime? Islam almost rules the whole world? Not because of the war, but because of his personality, his patience, making all the non believers start to believe him and the religion he brought with him.

How many muslims were torture and humiliate by the non muslim during that time in Mecca. Muslim were thrown away and treat like a dog in the street. But what Muhammad told the early followers to do? Did he told them to grab a sword and kill every non muslim in the town? No, he ask his followers to be patience.

War happen during Prophet Muhammad life time, but if you can recall, most of the wars are defensive. Not attacking. When prophet Muhammad went to conquer Mecca? Did he killed anyone? No. He just went there with 10 000 military forces and what they do is only performing Haji and pray.

So today is the different story. It seem that all the Muslim all over the world is reacting differently from the old times. Every insensitivity will be paid by bombs and violence. And the only thing what Muslims remember is about the war, about jihad and fighting for the right. No patience within. No patience is consider in every act. All of them are forgetting the phrase said by the prophet “ patient is half of the faith”. This is serious. Half of the faith. Even Jihad is not half of the faith.

And this is why I want to talk about this thing. To remind myself and all the people out there. To not to really influence by the extremist that believe that war is the resolution. While it is not. So, reacting violently is not what we supposed to do.

So what we are going to do? What a Muslim should do is strengthening the faith inside them and try to have some good reasons, education, system, and the most important is patient. Almost all of the muslim country is a poor country, low education, where teaching of this religion is not done with the right system. And muslim all over the world should have a system on acting or reacting to everything. A system that will hold any country to do a stupid thing such as performing a suicidal bomb attack or etc. The Organization today is not as systematic as it should be. We can see only organization and meeting, but we did not see the system coming out on every meeting held.

As a conclusion, the way someone react will reflect whether he is the righteous or the faulty one. Thus, we should consider everything before we act. And go back to the root, to the real teaching. May no one do not do foolish things and make this world a better one.

14th April 2008


  1. akum, aku link entry ko ni d blog aku... hopefully it's ok for you eventhough ko blm approve.

  2. cool!

    next time if there are any imam with khutbah about raising guns and swords against non-believers, i will leave that mosque immediately.

    can we find a better way to solve the struggle within Islam?

    no, absolutely not with a war...

  3. couldn't agree more

  4. Anonymous10:39 am

    bang zaki.
    aku pindah blog baru.
    harap2 tak pindah lagi :P


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