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My mistake. My mistake. First things I want to discuss here is how I made this mistake. It all started when I was in Matriculation College. At that time, there was this person who invited all the Matriculation College’s student to get a form and filled it to request for Shell scholarship. A lot of student went to take the form and beseech the scholarship. One mistake I made is I get that form from my father in his company since my father work as a Polis Bantuan Shell so he get the form earlier than anyone else. So it was not a problem for me. I can just filled that form and hand it directly to the company man. It is more convenient for me. No problem. But then, trusting a man who supposed to be handling that thing in the company is another mistake I have made. We send our form to that man which supposed to handle it but he said to us that you need to hand it that form in the second semester of my Matriculation study which is so nonsense when I think it back today. All other student

Sexy School Uniform

At last, after a few years of thinking, now there is a trigger from somewhere that want to talk about this issues. Well, there is some rumor saying that Malaysia's girl students uniform was sexy until there is increasing in number of cases such as rape and sexual abuse. This issues have been circulating to the superior up to the parliament and some people are asking for the uniform to be changed to another type that is more polite and non-sexy and i do not know what kind of uniform that will be. Let us go back to the old history and myths. Where girl were ask to wear a special type of underwear where there is a lock and a man couldn't do anything if they did not find the key for the lock. It is a myth or fact which i do not really sure about. But this thing reflect this kind of situation when people start asking the government to change the girl students' uniform by the reason that it was so sexy. I have been in a secondary school before. I have seen the uniform, i have

Magic medicine

Ah. Time to update my blog. Time to create a new post. But... i haven't think of something to write. I have no idea. There is nothing that dissatisfy me within this few weeks. hmm, Maybe just a little story to tell on alternative medicine. Yes. The alternative medicine. particularly the traditional one. I'd wrote something on this issue a few months or maybe years ago on how i did not agree about choosing traditional medicine and how Malaysia keep educating the citizen on how good traditional medicine is. I keep thinking about this nonsense. I never believe traditional medicine or stuff like that. Stuff like if you get called by a number, you answer it and you die. Maybe it do happen, but I will never believe it. I'm anti of this stuff. But not truly I would say this stuff did not exist. It do exist. The matter of whether you trust it or not is the thing that we need to understand. My story in this post is not regarding this deadly phone call. But rather i would talk on