Magic medicine

Ah. Time to update my blog. Time to create a new post. But... i haven't think of something to write. I have no idea. There is nothing that dissatisfy me within this few weeks.

hmm, Maybe just a little story to tell on alternative medicine. Yes. The alternative medicine. particularly the traditional one.

I'd wrote something on this issue a few months or maybe years ago on how i did not agree about choosing traditional medicine and how Malaysia keep educating the citizen on how good traditional medicine is. I keep thinking about this nonsense.

I never believe traditional medicine or stuff like that. Stuff like if you get called by a number, you answer it and you die. Maybe it do happen, but I will never believe it. I'm anti of this stuff. But not truly I would say this stuff did not exist. It do exist. The matter of whether you trust it or not is the thing that we need to understand.

My story in this post is not regarding this deadly phone call. But rather i would talk on a story that happen yesterday in my life when i meet a person who talk about how miracle a traditional medicine could be.

A child who has been diagnosed by physician to have some spinal cord injury and did not have chances to walk again in his life but then recovered by a 'bomoh'. This is a story i heard from this person. And a story about a person diagnosed with renal failure but then recovered by 'bomoh'. This is the story i heard.

Do this stuff really work. I would surely say "NONSENSE". Things like this is blinding you but actually not curing you. I will always never believe this stuff.

This is because since I was childhood, I am having Bronchiol Asthma. Lot of elderly teach me some traditional trick to cure it. Some ask me to eat sireh, eat some crazy stuff like camel heart, eat aloe vera soup, everything... and i tried it just to have a hope that I will recover. Even there is some elderly in my village ask me to drink Human urine to cure my bronchiol asthma (luckily i did not try this one).

Well, in the end i was cured. By what? Those traditional things or all the 'bomoh' i met? No way. I was cured because i was compliance to my Inhaled Steroid Therapy. This is what cure me. Not those magic stuff.

Now after entering medical school. I am becoming more anti-traditional medicine more and more. I will never believe when you say renal failure can be cured by 'bomoh'. I will never believe that spinal cord injury can be cured traditionally. If they do, then show me the evidence. Show me.

I don't want people to keep believing on this stuff. What you all need is to learn more. Read more, and study more. Keep saying traditional stuff is good will keep you look stupid lor...

haha. even though, everything happen in this world came from Allah. So, there is limit in my unbelieve. If God say it, it will happen. So whatever i did not believe, i will always believe the God. But for what i did not believe, I will study more to prove it. even you say modern medicine did not cure, modern medicine came from Allah. So, fair enough. Peace.


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