My mistake. My mistake. First things I want to discuss here is how I made this mistake. It all started when I was in Matriculation College.

At that time, there was this person who invited all the Matriculation College’s student to get a form and filled it to request for Shell scholarship. A lot of student went to take the form and beseech the scholarship.

One mistake I made is I get that form from my father in his company since my father work as a Polis Bantuan Shell so he get the form earlier than anyone else. So it was not a problem for me. I can just filled that form and hand it directly to the company man. It is more convenient for me. No problem.

But then, trusting a man who supposed to be handling that thing in the company is another mistake I have made. We send our form to that man which supposed to handle it but he said to us that you need to hand it that form in the second semester of my Matriculation study which is so nonsense when I think it back today. All other student give the form to the representative and that person send it to the company during the first semester, but me, because I directly make my business with the company, I send it in the second semester which is later being disapproved because of late request. I felt cheated. But I have to admit, maybe it was my fault who directly went to company and not using the representative of the company. I thought, dealing with the boss is better.

So, when I was in first year in my university, I was making another mistake. I was trying to get the Shell Scholarship again (!!) because I was convinced by the company man that I can get it even I was in first year. But then a lot of trouble coming, problem there problem here, procedure procedure until I know that I failed to get that scholarship in the end of my first year.

Then another mistake I made is because I trust myself so much to get that scholarship, I did not request for JPA scholarship opened in my first year of study. Then like Malay proverd “ yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berguguran”. I was really frustrated.

I then request twice in my early second year and early third year for JPA but I did not get any reply from them. But I did not give up, I still want to apply for JPA but my friend said to me “ If you apply it now, you will work 10 years with the government ( which I don’t care, I still will work with the government) but you only get the money half or even smaller in amount compare to the student that get it since first year”. It was logic. It was not fair by that way. So, I have only 2 years more to study. And I was feeling so hard with my RM3500 money to pay for my University fee which is Rm1600+. 2 years later I hope I pass my study and become a doctor, and I will work hard to pay my debt and I also will taste the pleasure my friends get with a lot of money there are spending during their study.


The next part I want to discuss here is about the PTPTN interest. A lot of request and issue, rumor and everything asking for this PTPTN interest to be demolished but government always saying that they did not want it to be demolished. And why is that.

I did not really pay attention on this particular until I heard from the media that government saying that PTPTN is only for a low class courses in the university (something like this) and said if you are excellent in your study you still can get MARA or JPA scholarship which gave up until rm6000 per semester to the student.

This is nonsense and crap from the government. What did they mean excellent student can get that? Should we just say ‘lucky’ student? Are they saying university student in Malaysia does not excellent. Than why they are in the university? Isn’t all of them does not matter ‘low’ class course or not will eventually work with the government and together improve this country. I cannot believe the government classify things like this. I am myself a medical student and I request twice for the JPA and I did not get approval even though I can forgive this because of my own mistake describe above. But what about my sister for example. She is working hard today to pay the loan. And after years, she only managed to pay the interest. Is she a low class student which does not really important in this country?

I did not agree completely with this. Even though the government do not want to demolished that interest but they cannot classify thing like this. Everyone is studying hard and then pay that taxes and interest for you all.

Which I can see, people that get JPA and MARA does not really mean they are excellent. They could be excellent only at that time of request, and after that, who will know what ever they are doing until they graduate than get the result whether they excellent or not. Lot of PTPTN beholder graduate in first class and there is also a lot of JPA beholder graduate second or even third class. Right?

As I recall that our country and the world is on crisis of economy today, poor people need to be supported, but from what I can see, JPA beholder got RM6000+ and does they really come from poor family? No. Because they are ‘excellent’ then they got a lot of money to buy cloth, shoe, games, CD, Ipod, PSP, PS3, modify car and everything. Poor people who come from poor family to the university got only PTPTN Rm3500 with daily expenses increasing today making them so hard to live in University and later hard to pay back the interest of the loan.

So, suggestion of demolishing this interest can be think twice or even more. Even if the government could not demolished the interest, they could maybe think of other measures to help this kind of student who struggling hard with study and money in the university. Don’t simply said that they are not excellent. Think back to your excellent people, which maybe only in small proportion compare to lot of more people who are not ‘excellent’.


  1. too many words, pening kapla aku:P

    oits, eh kawan aku bilang, kalau ko dpt skolar JPA walaupun mohon skrg, ko akan dpt apa yg ko patut dpt dr 1st year. kata kawan aku lah.

    asta zaki! banar tuh yg ko bilang
    pasal yg dpt skolar JPA tu, contoh cam tempat aku nih, org kaya2!!

    anak doktor jantung la, anak CEO la, anak si itu la, anak si ini laaa.

    wa aaa waaa waaa

    aku rasa jpa kena revise blk term & conditions utk lulus skolarsyip durang baa.

    all the best to you!!

    aku tgh musim ujian ni, doakan aku k

  2. i've asked JPA, they said they only pay the money from the current year you are. They did not retro pay all the sum money since first year. But the contract still 10 years. Does not smell fair right.

  3. wah.
    so many things to say eh.

    susahnya tu kn ur sis.
    she only managed to pay d interest for all these years.

    smpai bla tu loan mau abis byr.

    life`s become harder than i pictured before.


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