Sexy School Uniform

At last, after a few years of thinking, now there is a trigger from somewhere that want to talk about this issues.

Well, there is some rumor saying that Malaysia's girl students uniform was sexy until there is increasing in number of cases such as rape and sexual abuse. This issues have been circulating to the superior up to the parliament and some people are asking for the uniform to be changed to another type that is more polite and non-sexy and i do not know what kind of uniform that will be.

Let us go back to the old history and myths. Where girl were ask to wear a special type of underwear where there is a lock and a man couldn't do anything if they did not find the key for the lock. It is a myth or fact which i do not really sure about. But this thing reflect this kind of situation when people start asking the government to change the girl students' uniform by the reason that it was so sexy.

I have been in a secondary school before. I have seen the uniform, i have passed my growing up schoolhood years. It was a period where everything could be sexy to you as a man. Looking to the student uniform today, i couldn't find anything that look to sexy within it. describing that the uniform was to thin until you can see bra inside, well, how many women wearing a thin shirt and exposing their bra and even their skin to the public all around Malaysia? So many of them. But the the students uniform was blamed for the increasing number of rape case.

It was so funny when i hear about this issue on the news. I guess people really fantasizing their sex mind into the girl student. Well, someone that come up with the idea claiming this thing could be the one who really are the causes of increasing rape and sexual abuse among student. Haha.

What i am talking about. I want to simplify things, there is no problem on the girls students' uniform. Yes they are thin but just exposing the bra inside doesn't really concern you if you are a wise and normal person comparing to the half naked women walking on the mall.

So, what should we do if we think this sexiness of a girl really contribute to the increasing incidence is to educate people to wear more politely in the public, not blaming our students which is the victims in the situation.

But i don't think this is the causes of it. I think, the cause of increasing rape incidence is because of the electronic media, uncontrolled materials from popular culture, lack of education, lack of parental control, and substances abuse. This is what we should pay attention to.

Even though, i do agree if Malaysia want to change our standard school uniform. As you can see, we have bee wearing that since history. Maybe we can step outside the line and design a new one. It could be interesting. Put a taste of fashion in it. ( I hate white shirt, school shirt, make you look stupid). If the uniform make you look stupid, well that is enough to make all the people around the world saying that we are teaching our generation to be stupid and look nerd. I suggest blue or purple school uniform. hehehe.


  1. waa. ko tau zaki, sini indon uniform, err, macam yg ko nmpak di sinetron la (kalau ko tinuk sinetron).

    org sini macam tiada rules & regulations.

    "kebebasan bersuara" & "hak asasi manusia" katanya :P

    maksud ko yg fantasi dgn budak skolah tu, pedofilia ka?

    tp kan, aku sgt setuju dan sokong kalau hak asasi dan kebebasan suara dibatasi, selagi tidak melampaui norma kehidupan berpandukan agama.

    sbb indonesia kononnya mengamalkan hak asasi & kebebasan bersuara total (kononnnyalah),
    tp akhirnya negara mereka tidak menunjukkan contoh yg boleh diteladani skrg...

    konon di Msia, media dikawal gov.
    sini indon sbb tiada yg membatasi, berita dia pun keluarlah maklumat palsu buruk2kan malaysia (sbg contoh.

    bayangkan je, bila gov diorang rancang nak buat undang2 pornografi (termasuk etika berpakaian), boleh sorang wakil rakyat perempuan ni kata "gimana bisa? kalau dilaksanakan ntar, saya mau pakai apa??" (mana boleh, kalau wujud undang2 tu, apa yg saya nak pakai).

    contoh radikal, kebebesan bersuara = anak yg melawan cakap org tua.

    apa kan aku mengarut ni.. huhu

    eh aku suda update blog, cerita pasal babi, sila2 lah. daa

  2. haha. Sepatutnya kita mesti bezakan kebebesan suara dengan kurang ajar kan. cause banyak orang kurang ajar daripada bebas bersuara. Nanti kalau satu orang ni berabis mau bebas bersuara, nanti anak dia kuang ajar sama dia barula ketulahan. hahaha.

    P/s: I am not sexist but i think girl like to wear something half naked but then blame the guys as exploitation. Exploitation and discrimnation of oneself should be discussed later.


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