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Same Identification Number

I just heard from the TV saying that our Malaysian Identification Number consist of 6 date of birth number in the front followed by 2 digit number representing place of birth code number then follow by 4 more numbers. So what i heard in the TV said that the last 6 number should be different for each persons in this country. The problem is, i knew this boy that is younger than me and we have the same last 6 numbers in our IC. At first i felt that we are lucky. But now i feel that it should be a problem. What if there is a complication in registration anywhere. So i am thinking whether to report this or not. But i think the one who should report it is the boy because he is younger than me and the error should be with him. But i will try to solve this puzzle immediately. What the heck. my IC number is 860323155059, anyone got the same number as me?

Orietation day and bully.

Hmm, what is the different between orientation and bullying your junior? Two different things can look the same. But it actually not. And this year i heard that my medical school orientation day for the junior is much better than the last year, and last year i was getting into some trouble with the junior when i criticize the way they conduct the orientation day. This year I missed it. I woke up late this morning and eventually missed the orientation day. Even though, i heard from my colleague that the orientation day is much better than the last year and i am glad to hear that. Well, actually, i am a bully when i was in boarding school. Maybe i am a big size guy thus all the junior afraid of me a little. But then, after a few times get caught on bullying the junior, in the end, i understand what is actually the difference between your age? The difference is in your experience. Junior may be more experienced than you. Maybe they are living in a life more tougher than you while you a

Malaysia big debat on oil price issue Anwar VS Shebry

When i woke up this morning, the first thing i remembered is about the debate last night. It was so great and the for the first time Malaysia was so open and let the opposition give out their idea and voice live on television. So everyone can see the truth, who is right and who is wrong. It is a debate for Malaysian to judge. Well, it is so clear that since the beginning, Anwar looks really prepared for the debate. All the word and idea came from him was fascsinating. So clever and great. But Dato Shebry also one of great debator where he can talk on a debate. But only talk for me. He did not really discussion about the real topic for the debate. I was really shock about the situation where our goverment send this man to fight with Anwar. At least get a dude who know something. He even cannot answer about the lost of billions of money after the last increase of oil price in malaysia ( where the oil price increase rm0.30 a few years ago). What he do is only talking about Anwar past re

Price increase

I went to Giant mall last night, well, there is a lot of changes in the price of everything inside Giant or even any other shops nowadays.. I was shocked when i saw one of my favourite snack 'NIPS" that usually cost me rm1.49 now already become rm2.19. How big is the difference. I was very very upset about it. even Instant noodles that usually cost around rm2.99 or rm3.15 not going up to minimum rm3.60. How can i continue living as a student like this. even Mixed rice in all restaurant would cost me at least RM4. Not like before where we can found rm3 dishes. I think, even though government claimed that they are using subsidize money for petrol to subsidize food, well i don't see any decreasing in food price? What a nonsense life we are living now?

I got B only

Well, i got B only in my professional exam third year. But im happy about it. Beacuse it was so hard yo.