Malaysia big debat on oil price issue Anwar VS Shebry

When i woke up this morning, the first thing i remembered is about the debate last night. It was so great and the for the first time Malaysia was so open and let the opposition give out their idea and voice live on television. So everyone can see the truth, who is right and who is wrong. It is a debate for Malaysian to judge.

Well, it is so clear that since the beginning, Anwar looks really prepared for the debate. All the word and idea came from him was fascsinating. So clever and great. But Dato Shebry also one of great debator where he can talk on a debate. But only talk for me. He did not really discussion about the real topic for the debate.

I was really shock about the situation where our goverment send this man to fight with Anwar. At least get a dude who know something. He even cannot answer about the lost of billions of money after the last increase of oil price in malaysia ( where the oil price increase rm0.30 a few years ago). What he do is only talking about Anwar past record history. It was so funny.

Really, i am 22 years old student in government university and i am not stupid. I know that Dato Shebry do not prepare for that debate. I am so dissapointed to my government. Why they choose this guy?

Well, this morning, i open up Berita Harian at and i was really shock on the report for the debate that clearly a lie. One who do not watch the debate could easily believe that Anwar was total defeat while what happen is the opposite. In Berita Harian, they said that Dato Shebry defeat all the attack from Anwar while actually he only talk rubbish on non related issues that night.

Please berita harian. i don't trust you anymore. Hahah.

I open up and i was happy to read something that really the truth.

Open your eyes people.


  1. wahhh... i don't know i was cheated by Berita Harian online... somehow i think that what anwar said is only half of it is true. The rest yet another comprimising promises....


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