Orietation day and bully.

Hmm, what is the different between orientation and bullying your junior?

Two different things can look the same. But it actually not. And this year i heard that my medical school orientation day for the junior is much better than the last year, and last year i was getting into some trouble with the junior when i criticize the way they conduct the orientation day.

This year I missed it. I woke up late this morning and eventually missed the orientation day. Even though, i heard from my colleague that the orientation day is much better than the last year and i am glad to hear that.

Well, actually, i am a bully when i was in boarding school. Maybe i am a big size guy thus all the junior afraid of me a little. But then, after a few times get caught on bullying the junior, in the end, i understand what is actually the difference between your age? The difference is in your experience. Junior may be more experienced than you. Maybe they are living in a life more tougher than you while you actually just living for 20 years pampered by your family and your money.

So when i look to orientation day, i think about the meaning of it. Orientation. No hidden meaning on it. It is held to orientate your junior to the new enviroment they will be living in.

So, that is the difference. In orientation, you are orientating while in bully you are fulfilling your desire to watch the other bow and kiss your ***.

I heard some junior starting to become bully today. I hate it. Because they never think about it. I am sober of becoming a bully. Even i like to tease my friends especially Shafika, Bibi, Emie ( she bully me more than i do), and all the other, but this is teasing. Not bully.

So i just can hope that people stop doing this. If there is no bully in this world, no one will die in Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever in this world.

What am i saying?


  1. LoL.....love the last part..no one will die when there's no bully in this world...never been bullied b4



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