Price increase

I went to Giant mall last night, well, there is a lot of changes in the price of everything inside Giant or even any other shops nowadays.. I was shocked when i saw one of my favourite snack 'NIPS" that usually cost me rm1.49 now already become rm2.19. How big is the difference. I was very very upset about it. even Instant noodles that usually cost around rm2.99 or rm3.15 not going up to minimum rm3.60.

How can i continue living as a student like this. even Mixed rice in all restaurant would cost me at least RM4. Not like before where we can found rm3 dishes.

I think, even though government claimed that they are using subsidize money for petrol to subsidize food, well i don't see any decreasing in food price?

What a nonsense life we are living now?


  1. Alala zack, it's like thatlah. Everything go up but salary and allowance never go up. Maybe one day we all will start to eat instant grass or leave instead of instant noodle....haha! XD

  2. i still remember that NIPS during the first appearance was 50cents per packet then selling price after that is rm1. When i go back to Labuan in the year 2006, it was already rm1.40.... now it's above rm2. Just 2 years different man... sigh!


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