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Mahathir nonsense?

I just read Mahathir Blog on and i was really upset about it. I am supporting Mahathir but to write such article about Permatang Pauh i was really disagree to him. He was only blaming the current PM regarding the lost in Permatang Pauh which i think is too emotional and personal. I think, Dato Seri Abdullah is the less person talking in the Television before the election. I think the defeat is not because the PM but the candidate himself not enough to beat Dato Seri Anwar which is known to be more expert in politics. So sorry but i disagree about that article.

Oil price decrease and total defeat

I am so shock, just a few days before the small election in Permatang Pauh, suddenly without hesitation the goverment drop the oil price 15 cents. Actually, not without hesitation, i think they thought for a long time for us the citizen of Malaysia. They reallty want to decrese the oil price but the time to make it drop is not appropriate. THis is because the election is about to happen. Same as saiful angkat sumpah about the sodomy case. If he done it after the election or earlier or i don't know but i think it is also not appropriate. It make people think something is fishy about it. Then, the total defeat of the BN party during the election yesterday. I was not shocked about it. I am a person who use the internet and also watch TV, and everything in the TV was not what really happen and what is in the internet, is reality for nowadays. Things is going a little crazy with the politics now. I was really dissapointed about it. It seems that everyone is becoming selfish today. I

Going to Kuching

Well,I am going to Kuching on the 18th of Mei 2009 for my elective posting. Wahaha. I am so happy about it i just don't know why. I feel like i have some unfinished job there in Kuching. But i do not know what it is. but then, i am looking forward to go there.


I am so glad hearing that PTPTN will decreased it interest to 1% from 3 %. At least i would save around 5 thousand something maybe. Or maybe 10. I dunno, maybe they should not put any interest to the loan but it is a loan, so for me, i was relieved to hear the news. I was in a great amount of desperation for money nowadays. The other thing that government should look is the increasing price of almost everything today. I was so tired of spending rm10 per day for meals cause one meal usually cause rm4.50 today. 2 meals already cost rm9. A day! If i calculate that, i would spend rm70 per weeks only for meals, and it would be rm280. Wow. 6 months would cost rm1680. Wow. And because i am a human that not need only food to live, i need other things to dress me well, so would spend more than that for 6 months. Wait, because my class everyday is whether in HQE and Bukit Padang, no bus would be easily go there i think, so i drive my old car to class to get my knowledge. So then, the governme

Talking to people

It is kind of fun doing practical in Hospital Bukit Padang or can i say Mental hospital. It is so different from doing work in medical or surgical or any clinical department. Mental hospital is different. Well, i talk to this guy and he claimed that he met god and he is now a messenger to tell all the people that God is one, and all religion is true because he said that how many human in this world, that is how god look. Don't take it seriously, this person diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I do not know, whether he is saying the truth but i am sure he is not normal. Sometimes, i feel weird about Schizo patient, they talk about something so unreal. Like one patient that have an audio hallucination. When asked about why he run away naked on the road, he answered " Can i ask my wife first?" then he look to his right where there is no one there then he continued, " My wife said, after we all dead, we are all in the same place.." It is kind of gothic righ