Mahathir nonsense?

I just read Mahathir Blog on and i was really upset about it. I am supporting Mahathir but to write such article about Permatang Pauh i was really disagree to him. He was only blaming the current PM regarding the lost in Permatang Pauh which i think is too emotional and personal. I think, Dato Seri Abdullah is the less person talking in the Television before the election. I think the defeat is not because the PM but the candidate himself not enough to beat Dato Seri Anwar which is known to be more expert in politics.

So sorry but i disagree about that article.


  1. Anonymous10:25 am


    i agree with u.

    i like him. i support him.

    but when he did a thing that is wrong by our judgement,

    kita perlulah tidak menyokong secara blind-pigging.



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