Oil price decrease and total defeat

I am so shock, just a few days before the small election in Permatang Pauh, suddenly without hesitation the goverment drop the oil price 15 cents. Actually, not without hesitation, i think they thought for a long time for us the citizen of Malaysia. They reallty want to decrese the oil price but the time to make it drop is not appropriate. THis is because the election is about to happen. Same as saiful angkat sumpah about the sodomy case. If he done it after the election or earlier or i don't know but i think it is also not appropriate. It make people think something is fishy about it.

Then, the total defeat of the BN party during the election yesterday. I was not shocked about it. I am a person who use the internet and also watch TV, and everything in the TV was not what really happen and what is in the internet, is reality for nowadays.

Things is going a little crazy with the politics now. I was really dissapointed about it. It seems that everyone is becoming selfish today.

I sort of respect or i should say so respecting our Prime Minister. I think he is a good man. Why? Because he is the less person we saw on the TV talking about politics today. So I am a little proud of him. He was really a nice guy.


  1. Anonymous10:17 am

    yes. let's respect him =D

    kesian gak kat dia.

    tak adil la kan org2 nak membandingkan dia dgn Tun M
    kalau dari segi pembangunan ke, apa2 ke.

    dia baru memerintah kurang lebih 4 tahun.
    tolong la, dlm waktu 4 tahun, tak byk seseorg mampu lakukan. belajar perubatan pun tak selesai dalam waktu tuh. huhu

    bukannya naik2 jadi PM, terus boleh buat KLCC the 2nd ke, Sepang the 2nd ke, apa ke kan...

    kita bagi la dia waktu, ye tak?

    kalau 2 sesi tak nampak apa2 gak. tukr je la dgn yg lain


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