I am so glad hearing that PTPTN will decreased it interest to 1% from 3 %. At least i would save around 5 thousand something maybe. Or maybe 10. I dunno, maybe they should not put any interest to the loan but it is a loan, so for me, i was relieved to hear the news.

I was in a great amount of desperation for money nowadays. The other thing that government should look is the increasing price of almost everything today. I was so tired of spending rm10 per day for meals cause one meal usually cause rm4.50 today. 2 meals already cost rm9. A day!

If i calculate that, i would spend rm70 per weeks only for meals, and it would be rm280. Wow. 6 months would cost rm1680. Wow. And because i am a human that not need only food to live, i need other things to dress me well, so would spend more than that for 6 months.

Wait, because my class everyday is whether in HQE and Bukit Padang, no bus would be easily go there i think, so i drive my old car to class to get my knowledge. So then, the government already increase the oil price, so now i would spend around rm90 a week for petrol. So that is mean that i use rm360 a months and for 6 months that would be rm2160.

How much did the government loan me? rm3500. How much is the university fee? Rm1636. How much do i need to live for that period of 6 months before i get my next sem loan? RM3840. Exceed. hahahhaa.

I always want to get JPA now but since i already in 4th year, i feel difficult to apply for it. I apply it twice but no answers.


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