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4 things.

1.Every night i watch the Media saying that the world oil price is decreasing rapidly. It is so cheap now then. But why the oil price here in Malaysia still high? even they said that they increase it because the world oil price is increasing. Now it is decreasing and still the oil price remain high in Malaysia. 2. I don't want Dato seri Anwar Ibrahim to be our prime minister. I don't like his attitude. you know, ever since we were independent and ever since the first prime minister of malaysia, all of our prime minister is so called perfect leader. But the leader like DSAI doesn't look so perfect after all. 3. Lots of things are throw to my university lately highlighting how bad my medical school are. But no one that wrote the blog know what is happening then here in Sabah rather than taking some random information from someone unreliable. If person can say anything without any prove like this, then i would also like to say that the writer of that blog is homosexual. I ha