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UMS? No problem. Queen Elizabeth? Problem

1. Funny. Queen Elizabeth hospital main building was closed... I am in Papar district posting so i am not really paying attention to any new development in Kota KInabalu. But then one day the AMO in Papar hospital was saying Queen Elizabeth hospital is shutting down. Then few of our lecturers also say so. Shutting down? hahaha. How can the only referral hospital in Sabah being closed? 2. Regarding the above issues, i am feeling a little afraid on future of medicine in Sabah. Heard that they are starting to build UMS Hospital. But that is a big long term plan. maybe take at least 5 years to finish the project. I do not care about it. Why those people who knew that Queen is too old and need to be replaced wait until this situation happen. 3. How can we follow ward round nowadays if half patients in Kuala penyu, the others in Beufort. We are imagining that the ward round is done by car. Consultant car in the front, medical officer, houseman, medical student, nurses. hahah. 4. Hope to

4 issues on me

1. I think politic in Malaysia becoming stable nowadays since PM announcing that he is going down next year. I think the opposition got nothing to gain today. 2. Oil price is decreasing, good news. I hope grocery and other stuff including food can reduce the price also. 3. Still thinking about why people hate UMS so much? Why don't people hate small small private college that teach nothing but keep getting money from student rather than trying to shut down UMS, one of the goverment university and the only university in Sabah. One blog saying that UMS is nothing but a political promise by Tun Dr.Mahathir. That is mean that if opposition wins in sabah, they will not build a university for Sabah? what a nonsense. It is not a political promise but a need to this big land. 4. I am posted in Papar district hospital nowaday and i can see that nursing student area teach more properly in performing procedure compare to us medical students. Why? I am not sure about it but we were teached