4 issues on me

1. I think politic in Malaysia becoming stable nowadays since PM announcing that he is going down next year. I think the opposition got nothing to gain today.

2. Oil price is decreasing, good news. I hope grocery and other stuff including food can reduce the price also.

3. Still thinking about why people hate UMS so much? Why don't people hate small small private college that teach nothing but keep getting money from student rather than trying to shut down UMS, one of the goverment university and the only university in Sabah. One blog saying that UMS is nothing but a political promise by Tun Dr.Mahathir. That is mean that if opposition wins in sabah, they will not build a university for Sabah? what a nonsense. It is not a political promise but a need to this big land.

4. I am posted in Papar district hospital nowaday and i can see that nursing student area teach more properly in performing procedure compare to us medical students. Why? I am not sure about it but we were teached more on theory, history taking, physical examination, and them, more particularly on performing the procedure. So, it is not totally our fault when we cannot and did not know how to do the procedure. That is why we are here scattered everywhere in the hospital trying to learn something. I remember the first day of my clinical years, we are left in the ward with no guidance and no nothing and we are expected to take blood, setting up IV lines, ABG, blood C&S... and more without even knowing how to do that. The way we learn is different from the nursing student so, pratically, they win over us on procedure.

5. I am getting into a relationship.


  1. Wa... Smpi mo shut down UMS ka?? Huhu dat is nasty... Aku bnci org yg prejudis mcm yg kata UMS ni political promise... U guys r studying there then it is built for a good cause what... huhu bknnya UMS tu kosong x berpenghuni... huhu


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