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Hate teachers?

This is just a thread. I found out that one of my friend is forcing me and leading me to become a teacher hater. I just want to clarify that i did not hate teachers. They teach us and i appreciate that the knowledge they gave is my provision today. But should this make them God? And make them human with no mistake? If I would critics on every teachers, it would take my whole life to classify the bad and the good teachers. So rather than making a personal critics, I am more likely to look at the system. They way of people looking at teachers, and the way of teachers looking to themselves. This is the point I want to make from my imperfection writing. So, making an argument with me is just wasting of time if you did not understand what i am trying to explain. Doctors are holding on hippocratic oath saying 'To consider dear to me, as my parents, him who taught me this art ; to live in common with him and, if necessary, to share my goods with him; To look upon his children as my ow

Recruite Cinta songsang - a truth about university life in Malaysia.

1. I've seen so much in the news about this up rising culture happening here in Malaysia. Someone should try to stop this for becoming more and more? Yes. I agree about that. 2. When i woke up this morning and i tune into Malaysia premiere channel showing some talk show they called Selamat Pagi Malaysia, the issue burst out again, again. Now they are giving some statistic research or whatever showing that more lesbian girl become lesbian or they called it pengkid because of their hatred to male as result of unsuccessful relationship in their past. While the gay boys, they usually started at university level thus now the authority is targetting the university level to stop this homosexual culture. 3. They are still trying to search for the cause of this in the university, is it life style? They said that because male live together, they become gay... that is nonsense. I live with male since my form 4 in secondary school and i never become homo. 4. What i would like to share here

Oil increase, Price Up. Oil down. Price up

1. When the oil price increase here in Malaysia, all the item and stuff prices also went up. higher than ver expected. But when the oil price decrease and became cheap, the other stuff, groceries, food prices going down... really a problem 2. Fish. When the oil price increase, the fish price went so high here in Labuan. The fisherman gave reason that they have to increase the prices of their seafood including fish because the petrol they used to fish was so expensive. I thought they got subsidized... ?? Now the oil price decrease.. fish prices still climbing up. What is the reason now? No one knows. 3. I think someone has to do something for the above problem. 4. Bloggers code of conduct? Malaysia is suggesting that. I do not know what code would be there for bloggers but i agree if bloggers put out their name and full profile in their blog because i hate bloggers who complain but did not want the public know him/her so he/she would be free from resposnsibility of his/her writing. B

Labuan Politics

Sitting on a canteen today listening to all the current political issues in labuan. 1. I did not care much about politics in labuan but still, as a voting citizen, i really am curious on who is actually the people representative here in Labuan now? It seems that there is two people ruling this small island. 2. I heatd that during Perwakilan Election, one of the wakil was having an accident and had to be sent to KK but the vote is still full even with an absent voters. 3. I really am dissapointed about current politics in Labuan, too much corruption, too much bereaucracy. 4. Last APACPH conferrence, one of the participant ( an australian citizen) was asking about the difference between Okinawa and Malaysia ( Okinawa is an island in Japan where her health level was so impressive there) regarding their community and the leader. He said that the leader was choosen by the people, but here in Malaysia, yes we are having an election but we vote for party and the party choose a leader for

Labuan car workshop?

1. I was really sad about today. Since my car absorbers are damaged both front left and right side, so i spend Rm235 to buy a pair new one. I send my car to a Bengkel in labuan called comfortable autoshop or in Malay we called it Bengkel Selesa. I thought it was the best. The first thing that make me sad today is about the price. I bought all the parts and ask the tauke there to install it and he charged me rm80. In KK, the highest price for me to install part is rm35. That is the highest. I still can accept that. Maybe it is really hard to install an absorber. The second thing is, when i drove my car back from the workshop after a whole day leaving my car day ( I went home first then came back to the shop to take my car), when i reached my home, i realized that there is a big scratch at the side of my car which i did not realize before this. What i realize is that scratch does not exist before i sent that car to the workshop. I immediately went to the workshop back to ask about it

Teacher, Cikgu, Guru?

1. When i was a little kid, i always praise the teacher because i thought that they are the one who is the greatest among all. Well said, who is a doctor without a teacher, who is a police without a teacher. Everyone need a teacher. But when i grow up, i realize that the definition of teacher is not about a person or multiple person. It is more on how do you learn, yourself, your experience, that is what teach you throught out your life. I am a little concern about the young generation or even older generation of teacher which i think that not all the teachers are great teachers after all. Some of the teacher only know how to collect money from the people and using the name of the teacher to make themselves look superior. No one can fight what teacher said. Teacher always right. No way. Teachers are 50% right and 50% wrong. And what are wrong is also what teach us to go on. What i see now in this beautiful country of Malaysia, not more than half of the teachers is a great teacher. I

Empowering Rural Health promotion 2008 conference

1. I spend a week of my holiday for this 2 days conference in UMS and Sikuati, Kudat. It was a nice conference organized by our School Of Medicine UMS. Maybe not all of the things i can understand during the conference but sure i love it because I can see different educated people from different country. 2. The best paper presented for me, in my opinion, is Mental health in Rural area. haha. I maybe bias since i have undergone my Psychiatric posting and our lecturer Dr.Wendy was presenting the paper so, so much bias if i choose this one. So i think, if i reconsider, I would choose Dr. Walter Patrick paper because 2 of my friends and one of my junior were involved in that discussion. Dr. Walter Patrick was a very intelligent and a nice teacher. 3. The food is the main thing that encourage us to go the conference. Since we do not have much money by the end of semester, this is a big oppurtunity for us to get a free meal while learning. nice. 4. A few days ago, my friend lie to me tell

Way to study.

Since I am in primary school. I never have a standard way of studying since I changed school from a saint school to Boarding school, so I never found the best way of study yet, or I did not realized it. I found a lot of interesting way of study among my friends and person that I know. Here I will listed some of them: 1. Study while listening music – the most common method used by student today. 2. Study while eating junk food – another most common method but this one not healthy. 3. Study in a quiet place- usually sentimental type of person would like this 4. Study while drinking coffee – 5. Study and keep talking to him/herself. 6. Study while lying on the bed. 7. Study while standing and walking around. 8. Study in the washroom ( I have seen one of my junior do this) 9. Study by teaching others ( can be quite annoying to others) 10. Study while surfing the internet ( most of the time, this person surf his mind too far until she/he forget where he/she sto