Empowering Rural Health promotion 2008 conference

1. I spend a week of my holiday for this 2 days conference in UMS and Sikuati, Kudat. It was a nice conference organized by our School Of Medicine UMS. Maybe not all of the things i can understand during the conference but sure i love it because I can see different educated people from different country.

2. The best paper presented for me, in my opinion, is Mental health in Rural area. haha. I maybe bias since i have undergone my Psychiatric posting and our lecturer Dr.Wendy was presenting the paper so, so much bias if i choose this one. So i think, if i reconsider, I would choose Dr. Walter Patrick paper because 2 of my friends and one of my junior were involved in that discussion. Dr. Walter Patrick was a very intelligent and a nice teacher.

3. The food is the main thing that encourage us to go the conference. Since we do not have much money by the end of semester, this is a big oppurtunity for us to get a free meal while learning. nice.

4. A few days ago, my friend lie to me telling me that she is going to married this december suddenly without warning. She is Emie Mading. I think i have wrote an article about her during my first year in medical school. This girl ar... very annoying by lying to me like that. Never mind, i remember the story of a shepard who lie about a tiger coming to eat his goat. Well, we will learn the moral of the story. Few rules in making jokes, don't make jokes of death, married, divorce and falling sick.

5. I am going to Sikuati, Kudat tomorow for the second day of the conference. Hmm, this is one of the meaningful holiday i ever had.

-Post APACPH picture taken today during discussion.


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