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Hate teachers?

This is just a thread. I found out that one of my friend is forcing me and leading me to become a teacher hater. I just want to clarify that i did not hate teachers. They teach us and i appreciate that the knowledge they gave is my provision today. But should this make them God? And make them human with no mistake? If I would critics on every teachers, it would take my whole life to classify the bad and the good teachers. So rather than making a personal critics, I am more likely to look at the system. They way of people looking at teachers, and the way of teachers looking to themselves.

This is the point I want to make from my imperfection writing. So, making an argument with me is just wasting of time if you did not understand what i am trying to explain.

Doctors are holding on hippocratic oath saying 'To consider dear to me, as my parents, him who taught me this art ; to live in common with him and, if necessary, to share my goods with him; To look upon his children as my own brothers, to teach them this art.'

... means that we are also a part of teacher, who share knowledge with others and to look the student as our own brothers. What i want to say is, if teachers having an Oath like this, i hope they have it, it just make sense.

There is a tight system is medicine. Everything go by the rules.

There is no point comparing the two profession, is it? What I am disappointed to the salary is actually about doctors not being paid fair enough for their work and 5 years of study with 2 years more on Housemanship. But to say that i want to condemned teachers, asking them to be throw away and hate them is totally the wrong idea of some people. I just want to say if a teachers want a better salary for them, then why doctors should not?

If someone working as a cleaner got more payment than a teachers, would teachrs just agree with it?

It was a misunderstanding. I hope that my friend would understand my point. Someone is rather be emotional on this.

I am sorry but i really hate someone who did not want to agree or at least, think about what we arguing about.

p/s: All my teachers friends.. i really appreciate what you are all becoming. Even got jealous because some of you studying overseas. I never went overseas. Be a good teachers. A good doctor is a good listener. A good teacher is a good..... let me think first about it. Can't find a word. A good teacher is a good teacher indeed.

p/s: My seniors ( who are a H.O now) said that they got paid rm3500 per month for 7 days work, 6am-9pm. 12 On-call per months means 12 times a month they have to stay awake at night, and they have exam to attend. I am really scared about a life like this but i have to face it. haha. Too tiring is what they described to me. But i am sure they have a lot of fun doing what we want to do.

p/s: Doctors salary are going to be increase by 2010 according to our DG Tan sri haji Ismail Merican. I hope that it would happen.

p/s: Actually, i am not supposed to think about salary first because i am still a student. But listening to the doctors complaining about it making me nervous for my future.

p/s: But after listening to my seniors, they said that it is enough. The money is quite enough since you will not need much if you a doctor. Through out the day, you will be at the hospital till night, then you will be exhausted and sleep and continue doing the same thing the other day. No money needed for that. hahahah. Peace.


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