Labuan car workshop?

1. I was really sad about today. Since my car absorbers are damaged both front left and right side, so i spend Rm235 to buy a pair new one. I send my car to a Bengkel in labuan called comfortable autoshop or in Malay we called it Bengkel Selesa. I thought it was the best.

The first thing that make me sad today is about the price. I bought all the parts and ask the tauke there to install it and he charged me rm80. In KK, the highest price for me to install part is rm35. That is the highest.

I still can accept that. Maybe it is really hard to install an absorber. The second thing is, when i drove my car back from the workshop after a whole day leaving my car day ( I went home first then came back to the shop to take my car), when i reached my home, i realized that there is a big scratch at the side of my car which i did not realize before this. What i realize is that scratch does not exist before i sent that car to the workshop.

I immediately went to the workshop back to ask about it and i was shock and angry when the tauke is blaming me saying that i am the one who cause that scratch. He said that before i took that car from his workshop that scratch was not there... Am i experiencing time lost? Because i could not remember hitting someting or scratching my car when i drove that car from the workshop to my house...

I was so angry but he does not want to admit that the scratches happen when the car is in his workshop. what to do? I have no evidence but i am telling the truth and i want to share to everyone who is reading this right now that i am 100% sure that scratch is not there this morning and then after i took that car from the workshop, the scratch is there already. I was really mad. Stupid liar. I hate liar. At least you just say i don't know and don't blame others if you are not sure.

2. Bengkel Selesa in W.P Labuan, is blacklisted now in my list. A liar running that workshop.

3. I want justice. Can the world be fair for once.

4. I hope that such people does not exist. \

5. Now i have to spend more money on fixing the car, have to paint is again, it would cost me Rm100++.

6. I hate you.

7. I have a friend name Siti mardiyah currently reading this article.


  1. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Where is the bengkel selesa at?
    Try to avoid go there lah.
    I'm sorry for you.


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