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Labuan Politics

Sitting on a canteen today listening to all the current political issues in labuan.

1. I did not care much about politics in labuan but still, as a voting citizen, i really am curious on who is actually the people representative here in Labuan now? It seems that there is two people ruling this small island.

2. I heatd that during Perwakilan Election, one of the wakil was having an accident and had to be sent to KK but the vote is still full even with an absent voters.

3. I really am dissapointed about current politics in Labuan, too much corruption, too much bereaucracy.

4. Last APACPH conferrence, one of the participant ( an australian citizen) was asking about the difference between Okinawa and Malaysia ( Okinawa is an island in Japan where her health level was so impressive there) regarding their community and the leader. He said that the leader was choosen by the people, but here in Malaysia, yes we are having an election but we vote for party and the party choose a leader for us. He said that use our current system, district health setting will not be as advanced as Okinawa in Japan. Is it true? I think.

5. Still hating the freak workshop i went yesterday, I still cannot believe that i was budgeting my money for changing my absorber than eventually my car got a scratch there 'spontaneously' then i have to pay for it to be painted back. SH**.


  1. i dont know what is exactly ur problem.
    bt seems that u always have issues wt teachers.
    and u always compare teachers wt doctors.
    come on lah.
    dont have any better things to do then to comdemn teachers?
    y dont u condemn engineers or lawyer or architect mybe?
    such a pain in d ass i must say.

  2. Haha. You wanna be teacher must think before you post any feedback here since some no point argument will reflect on what a wanna be teacher like here in our country. so watchout my friend. Hahha.

    An engineer is no worth to argue about since they a re holding thousand life by building a building. A lawyer is always a rival with doctor. They are the one who legally can condemn doctor. And architect is a person behind the scene.

    And i never saw an engineer, or lawyer, or achitect scolding people.

    Anyway, to all my friends that going to be a teacher, It was a really honarable thing to be. I would have any intention to condemn you all rather than thinking on how bad the system is.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. ur writing,
    can hardly understand it.
    u r not rily answer d earlier comment/statement.
    obviously u dont rily know wat u r condemning about actually.

    "i always get annoyed when teachers salary is reaching up to the level of a basic doctor salary. For me, doctor job is to tiring, too busy, no life."
    -quoted BoZaki-

    jz admit it,
    u jz hate teachers and continuously condemning about them coz they have almost d same level of salary with the group of so-very-extremely-genius-who-has-to study-extremely-hard people!
    ohh doctors!
    its always bout money!

  5. Blogger BoZaki said...

    Now come one dedicated teacher. i hope in way of proving your statement that i consider that you want make teacher's level same as the doctor, would lead you to become a good teacher. And you will. The spirit you show here, don't make it just a critics without looking back to yourself. k. You are a good teacher i think. But at least you consider to think about the issue here rather than personally burst out some words.

    If this make you feel happy, then i will say, yes i do care about the payment for the doctors. And i do agree that we are putting a tremendously and extremely hard work, money and time to be a good doctor. Seriously, i did not hate teachers. You are forcing me to say something, haha. Good example of teaching student. Get my point.

    I just hope that teachers sometimes would admit that they are wrong in some way.

    by the way, haha, my writing is so damn bad i think. because now i am so tired double checking my writing, i just type it as fast as i could cause i got something to do then there it is, lot of mistake. hahaha. Even my hand is not properly trained for typing, sometimes i want to spell accept in my mind but my hand suddenly type except. I was really aware about this. Maybe i should fix my writing skills. haha. I'll try my best.


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