Oil increase, Price Up. Oil down. Price up

1. When the oil price increase here in Malaysia, all the item and stuff prices also went up. higher than ver expected. But when the oil price decrease and became cheap, the other stuff, groceries, food prices going down... really a problem

2. Fish. When the oil price increase, the fish price went so high here in Labuan. The fisherman gave reason that they have to increase the prices of their seafood including fish because the petrol they used to fish was so expensive. I thought they got subsidized... ?? Now the oil price decrease.. fish prices still climbing up. What is the reason now? No one knows.

3. I think someone has to do something for the above problem.

4. Bloggers code of conduct? Malaysia is suggesting that. I do not know what code would be there for bloggers but i agree if bloggers put out their name and full profile in their blog because i hate bloggers who complain but did not want the public know him/her so he/she would be free from resposnsibility of his/her writing. But to restrict any idea of writing i would really disagree.

5. We should be proud to be Malaysian.


  1. paling tidak pun, kita b oleh berbangga kalau nak banding dgn negara lain yg teruk dr kita kot.

    hik hikk

    aku reply kat sini je k.

    kawan aku tu budak ekonomi.

    dia tak belajar perubatan. waktu dia tanya prof / dr tu kalau dia ada tb ke tAK, doktor tu marah2 dia.

    sbb kat sini, masih byk fahaman org kampung kalau TB tu penyakit kutukan / sumpahan / memalukan cam tu kot...


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