Way to study.

Since I am in primary school. I never have a standard way of studying since I changed school from a saint school to Boarding school, so I never found the best way of study yet, or I did not realized it.
I found a lot of interesting way of study among my friends and person that I know. Here I will listed some of them:
1. Study while listening music – the most common method used by student today.
2. Study while eating junk food – another most common method but this one not healthy.
3. Study in a quiet place- usually sentimental type of person would like this
4. Study while drinking coffee –
5. Study and keep talking to him/herself.
6. Study while lying on the bed.
7. Study while standing and walking around.
8. Study in the washroom ( I have seen one of my junior do this)
9. Study by teaching others ( can be quite annoying to others)
10. Study while surfing the internet ( most of the time, this person surf his mind too far until she/he forget where he/she stop reading before)
11. Study while text messaging ( can improve subconscious reading or memory)
12. Study while watching TV.
13. Study in the dark. ( Not good for the eyes)
14. Study in Public area such as library.
15. Study in Shopping Mall.
16. Study in a very cold place.
17. Study while having meals.
18. Study during lectures (study other things not related to the lecture)
19. Study and sing at the same time.
20. Study and staring to the ceiling.
21. Study and putting up make up at the same time.
22. Study in sleep ( sleeping)

There are a lot more way to study varies among each individuals. It does not matter how you study as long as you know what you are studying. I try most of the method above. Nothing work really for me except studying while listening music but sometime being in a quite place is much better for concentration.
Some of teachers and parent want their student and children to study in the same manner as them but I would say that there is no equity in that. People should be free to study in their own way.
This goes to one of my teacher in my previous boarding school that scold me because I study while listening to music while he wants me to study while listening to Koran. No offence that he is right but you should at least know that there is no God rules on that.


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