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IP MAN   It has been a long time since I have seen a good movie in the cinema. A fewdayss ago I am watching The earth Stood Still and Cicakman 2 and I am pretty much disappointed on both movie. Especially Cicakman 2. I am anticipating for that movie but then it end like this. The movie does not have any strength in it. No strength in the story line, no strength in its jokes, and even no strength in the CGI part. As for The earth stood still, as suspected, the CGI part was world class, the story quite strong but still, at the end of the movie, I does not have the excitement of watching. Nothing impressing. IP MAN? Was is that? At first I heard about the movie, I don't really gave attention on it. But today, as no more movie to watch, I choose IP MAN. And I saw the poster on the cinema wall saying that it was about Bruce Lee's KungFu Master. Ok. Enough for that, I would watch this movie. At the end of the movie, I really don't want it to end. I really excited. I was r

Say no to Sime Darby for IJN

1. I'm not really sure on how to say about this. But suddenly when i open up my television yesterday around 8pm, I heard about this Sime darby want to takeover IJN or more appropriately said that IJN will be privatize. A little shock about it. 2. Since the beginning, I am so disagree about this because I thought IJN is so grand and important asset of Malaysia and how can it be privatize so easily like privatizing Telecomunication company or something. My point is, IJN is dealing with people health, life and death of someone, and we should not look to IJN as a place to collect money. 3. I am not really sure what privatizing means. I just know exactly that it means, everything would be expensive, price would be twice as high as before and better services promises only upgrade to around 15 % for 100% increase in the price. So, when i heard about this thing, i just know that it mean that you need to double your money before lying on IJN bed for surgery. 4. Today, one of our lecturer

Bahasa Melayu Takkan hilang di Dunia

1. Again the petrol price decrease here in malaysia. Is it a good sign or a sign of slow economy throught out the world? I am not really into economy. 2. Listening to the current issue of using english language in science and math, I kind of disagree if the program discontinue. I think it is a good program for the young generation to master english later in their life. I feel so regretful because i did not have a chance like them to learn more practical english in school. If do so, my english would be much better today. I think Malay language will not dissappear even you use english for every task in your life. Thats because if someone use english language in school, in work, or anywhere, they will still use Malay language in home. So mastering both language is possible without eliminating one of them. I remember reading Da Vinci Code, where the main female character was strictly order to use france language in home and english outside the house. It could be a good idea to do somethi

Malique Ok!

1.I just bought Malique Cd entitled Ok!. 2. Salute to Malique. After the last album of Too Phat, 360 degree, i was hoping some more from Too Phat. And when they released Rebirth to Reality album, i am a little dissapointed because not many song in it attract me. Only song like Dua Dunia make me feel hip hop again. 3. But this time when i first listen to this Ok! album, i was really attracted. And i am so enjoyed because of it. How should i describe it. It is like a simple in complexity music, with poweful lyrics, and powerful chorus line. The album is so perfect. And it is a first album that i found really a Malaysian Album. The artistic part, the hip hop part, it was so fused in this album. 4. Song like Mentera Beradu, Kau yang punya, Khayal, and many more can be hear as many time as i could. I was really shocked on how Malique managed to create such a beautiful Malaysia's Hip hop music. 5. Listening to many Bahasa Melayu rapper today, such as ahli fiqir, got one more i listen

Kundasang rude people

1. last week Friday, me and my family was having a nice holiday to Kundasang. 2. I was a little unhappy with Kundasang people because i found out that they are not that friendly as i imagine. Even a hotel receptionist does not have a friendly face or even a smile when we are asking about a room. 3. Only 3 hotel showing a real customer friendly type of services that is Pine Resort Hotel, Perkasa Hotel and Strawberry hotel. We stay at Strawberry hotel because of this factor and the room is affordable. Rm130 pernight with 5 beds in the room. 4. When we are driving inside kundasang town, we are driving so slowly because we are new and we did not know much about the road there. That is when i found out about the rudeness of kundasang people. Almost all of the car honked to us. And even some of them drive pass us and give a 'fuck' sign to us. Is this the way people over there treat tourist ? Or threat? 5. All the vegetables are expensive over there. It is weird because that plac