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Bahasa Melayu Takkan hilang di Dunia

1. Again the petrol price decrease here in malaysia. Is it a good sign or a sign of slow economy throught out the world? I am not really into economy.

2. Listening to the current issue of using english language in science and math, I kind of disagree if the program discontinue. I think it is a good program for the young generation to master english later in their life. I feel so regretful because i did not have a chance like them to learn more practical english in school. If do so, my english would be much better today. I think Malay language will not dissappear even you use english for every task in your life. Thats because if someone use english language in school, in work, or anywhere, they will still use Malay language in home. So mastering both language is possible without eliminating one of them.

I remember reading Da Vinci Code, where the main female character was strictly order to use france language in home and english outside the house. It could be a good idea to do something like this here in Malaysia.

3. I was so dissapointed when someone in the TV comparing developed country to Malaysia in term of native language use. When they say that Japan use their own language but still developed, why not Malaysia? This is truly a narrow way to think about it. All the developed country, using their own language even when they developed but not developed because they use their own language. In my opinion, Malaysia is already left 10 years behind the developed country. So, to make a jump to the same level with them is not by sticking to our old fashion of thinking. Mastering people language is one way of advancing forward. Remember thousand year ago when Avecenna translate anciet medical book and compiling it and he become what of the respected people in modern medicine. He did translate other book so he should be knowing and mastering other people language.... think about it.

4. Regarding the petrol price, even it is dropping down rapidly nowadays, the price for rice, fish and other raw materials are still high in the sky. A plate of rice+vegetables+fish cost rm4.50 to RM 5 here in Sabah. I remember one comment from the shopkeeper in Labuan when asked regarding their stuff so expensive even the oil price decrease.

She say " Oh, that is because we bought all the stuff when the oil price is still high ma... wait up for the new stock, it could be cheaper.."

It make sense. But if we think retrospectively, during the first announcement of the increasing oil price, without waiting for the new stock, all the stuff and groceries become so expensive within 24 hours. The previous comment does not make sense in this situation and that is weird.

5. I am so dissapointed looking at non-local patient that does not have money to pay for blood transfusion for their children Beta Thalassemia Major problem which is common here in Sabah.

One day i was in Thalessemia ward room clerking a case, then when i look around, i saw a lot of thalessemia children running around playing. However, in a corner, there is one children lying on the bed looking so pale and weak. When i look to his lab result, his hemoglobin level is 1.6 g/dL. Impossible. He still alive. And waiting for blood to be transfused. When I asked on why he defaulted his blood tranfusion before, the mother said that they got no money to pay for it.

Yes, local Malaysian is so lucky to be Malaysian. To be having a nice and free medical care.

Even if they are non local, they are still human.

So, donate your blood..... even so, they still ask non local to pay.

(non local here mean non-malaysian)

6. I'm in Pediatric posting, so busy, everyday have to stand, clerking patient, bed side teaching, lecture. No time for leisure activity. Sick of it. Eventhougjh, being around so many children sometimes make you feel calm, and make you the way you are. Make you feel so alive, young, and relax. Or pretend to be,


  1. good post there bro... tapi macam iklan derma darah jak ending tu... hehe... write more ok~ u have the potential :) peace

  2. the more u think of it, the more u become heart-broke...

    aku ada baca satu buku di Indo nih, "Orang Miskin Dilarang Sakit".
    tp mmg macam tu la... biaya perubatan di mana2 pun mahal.
    kalau nda mahal pun, servis terbatas (macam mesin dialisis)

    aku nda tau apa yg boleh kita buat utk ubah perkara ni...

    akhirnya aku namau pikir sgt...
    cam kalau kerja dgn gov, kita di bayar gov, jd kita rawat semua patient yg dtg.
    tp kalau bukak klinik, org teda duit, kita nda rawat la.. aiyoo
    kalau sevis diagnosis kita kasi free pun, masi kena bli ubat lagi.


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