1. It has been a long time since I have seen a good movie in the cinema. A fewdayss ago I am watching The earth Stood Still and Cicakman 2 and I am pretty much disappointed on both movie. Especially Cicakman 2. I am anticipating for that movie but then it end like this. The movie does not have any strength in it. No strength in the story line, no strength in its jokes, and even no strength in the CGI part. As for The earth stood still, as suspected, the CGI part was world class, the story quite strong but still, at the end of the movie, I does not have the excitement of watching. Nothing impressing.
  2. IP MAN? Was is that? At first I heard about the movie, I don't really gave attention on it. But today, as no more movie to watch, I choose IP MAN. And I saw the poster on the cinema wall saying that it was about Bruce Lee's KungFu Master. Ok. Enough for that, I would watch this movie.
  3. At the end of the movie, I really don't want it to end. I really excited. I was really impressed. Until I said to one of my friend after the movie, " I gave this movie 10 stars from 5 stars rating."
  4. The movie was so cool. The kungFu is so beautiful until you feel very contented, very satisfied for every punch Ip Man gave to his opponent. I feel like I want to jump when I was in the movie.
  5. The story about Bruce Lee's Master, as I expected in the beginning of the movie, the Kung Fu would be more superior to Bruce Lee and I am not disappointed.
  6. After Transformerm movie, I would gave my second salute to IP MAN as the movie really can make you suffocate and can't stop thinking about it for the rest of the day and night after you watch the movie.
  7. Anyone who still did not know about this movie, grab your pants quick and rush to the movie. This is one of the best movie for this year. This is not a promotion, but more to my excitement about it. I want to share to everyone. I want people to feel what I felt when I am watching the movie. Salute IP MAN. Who direct this movie actually? I did not pay attention. I just remember that Sammo Hung was the action director. Hmm.. If I could be like IP Man in the movie. Two thumbs up!


RM6.50 Rice!!!

  1. After watching movie, I was really hungry. I missed my lunch because of traffic jam and I have to rush for my movie. So, the only place I want to go is the restaurant located at the basement floor of Centre Point KK.
  2. I chose to watch movie at Centre Point KK rather than 1borneo Hypermall is because I thought that Centre Point KK has more cheaper places to eat. One of the cheapest restaurant would be Nelta. It is a place where I use to eat when I was first year in UMS, the rice plus vegetables and fish/meat would cost rm2.50 only.
  3. But that was years ago, the last time I ate at that place, the same rice, vegetables, and fish cost me RM4.50. Everything is expensive after the petrol prices increase from RM1.90 to RM2.70.
  4. So today, I sat on that restaurant and took a place of rice,vegetables, fish and 2 piece of something ( it is actually corn mixed with flour and deep fried). Hmm, the maximum price for it would be RM5.50 I think. Because if I took the rice with vegetables and fish would cost rm4.50. But as I am not suspected is, it cost me RM6.50. What the heck?
  5. Is it the petrol prices already went down to RM1.80. And why did they charged me RM6.50 for this heck. A meal that would only cost RM5.50. Even in my campus, the same thing would only cost rm3.50. I believed that the campus food is rather cheaper ( it is not actually).
  6. And when I think about it, I was really fool to eat at a place like this. At first I want to go to Grace Point ( a franchise place) but I didn't because I thought in Grace point, the cheaper rice cost me RM6. But now, a small stall, restaurant, that only got B in it cleanliness charged me RM6.50.!!!


Better Eat and Franchise places

  1. As the petrol prices increase, everyone rush to increase the goods their sell,and even food.
  2. Today I realize that, franchise restaurant such as Chicken Hut, KFC, Pizza, and McDonald is a better place to eat rather than kedai mamak, warung, small restaurant run by a person who did not know math.
  3. I was disappointed because every restaurant are increasing the prices of their food like they did not know math. They only think about profit.
  4. And the most disappointing part is when malay run a restaurant, they really reflect that Malay really do not know math. Chinese restaurant sometimes give you more reasonable prices. But not all. I think all the races are the same. All did not know math.
  5. If your restaurant was airconditioned, with a very nice and clean environment, and you charged a plate of rice RM6.50 it would b appropriate. But a restaurant that is hot, not so clean, self services, cost Rm6.50 is not reasonable.

Stupid people.


  1. haha... u can imagine life in sg, everywhere is franchised, even coffee shops also can have the same name or brand everywhere. But what u earn and what u spend here is still cheap lar... imagine BK meal here is only $5+ and u have to pay for rm10+ in Malaysia. Yes, the currency is diff but the pay is better. Company, big or small always send their workers for government subsidized training here. When is Malaysia gonna achieve that kind of standards? I am happy working here in Singapore and from what I have earned and know that you my friend is still a student, any expenses for out meeting next time is on ME! When u are a doctor in future, that's a diff story ok? MUAHAHAHA! Just kidding :)

  2. Anonymous3:55 pm

    waa, aku pun setuju. di indonesia pun sama macam tu


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