Malique Ok!

1.I just bought Malique Cd entitled Ok!.

2. Salute to Malique. After the last album of Too Phat, 360 degree, i was hoping some more from Too Phat. And when they released Rebirth to Reality album, i am a little dissapointed because not many song in it attract me. Only song like Dua Dunia make me feel hip hop again.

3. But this time when i first listen to this Ok! album, i was really attracted. And i am so enjoyed because of it. How should i describe it. It is like a simple in complexity music, with poweful lyrics, and powerful chorus line. The album is so perfect. And it is a first album that i found really a Malaysian Album. The artistic part, the hip hop part, it was so fused in this album.

4. Song like Mentera Beradu, Kau yang punya, Khayal, and many more can be hear as many time as i could. I was really shocked on how Malique managed to create such a beautiful Malaysia's Hip hop music.

5. Listening to many Bahasa Melayu rapper today, such as ahli fiqir, got one more i listen just a few days ago called sometime like Bebel group or whatever, but this album of Malique really put them in the second place and below. I salute malique for this fascinating album.

6. I listen to Joe Flizzow new song from his new album called Duit or Do it, and he was good to. I still haven't buy his album but i hope that Joe Flizzow album can bring me up like what Ok! did.

7. I give 5/5 star to Malique solo album OK!. Stop with posing western hip hop, now after malique create this album, hip hop in malaysia should change.


  1. wahhh ada cd baru pula... lum dgr lagi... sini susah mo cari tu :)

  2. Anonymous1:36 pm

    i talk about jazz and baroque and traditional/world music now.

    i think.. i think...

    kalau aku cakap jgn marah ek?

    hip hop rapper is someone who can't sing, so they rap...


  3. haha, then listen to Kau Yang punya in Malique new album. It's kind like people singing in Jazz.

  4. Salam.
    Bro, just wondering.
    Nak jual tak this album?

    If bro nak jual i am really thinking of buying it from you.

    Hit me back ok.

    Thank you.

  5. zelo55,

    This album sangat rare mau dapat. Haha. Mmg tak mau jual lah. Macam tak ada lagi dorang buat copy album ni ntah kenapa. Macam tak commercialize.

    Tapi rasanya kalau search di internet boleh dapat mungkin.

    Tapi last aku cek kat

    mmg macam always sold out saja album ni.


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