Say no to Sime Darby for IJN

1. I'm not really sure on how to say about this. But suddenly when i open up my television yesterday around 8pm, I heard about this Sime darby want to takeover IJN or more appropriately said that IJN will be privatize. A little shock about it.

2. Since the beginning, I am so disagree about this because I thought IJN is so grand and important asset of Malaysia and how can it be privatize so easily like privatizing Telecomunication company or something. My point is, IJN is dealing with people health, life and death of someone, and we should not look to IJN as a place to collect money.

3. I am not really sure what privatizing means. I just know exactly that it means, everything would be expensive, price would be twice as high as before and better services promises only upgrade to around 15 % for 100% increase in the price. So, when i heard about this thing, i just know that it mean that you need to double your money before lying on IJN bed for surgery.

4. Today, one of our lecturer, a consultant in hospital describing to us on how he is so disagree about giving IJN to sime darby. He is totally true as he said that IJN is a place where poor people from village would rely to if they need a surgery. No one can afford to go to private hospital or overseas to do bypass surgery.

5. In my opinion, IJN is a heart for Malaysian. We have a high class institute who would perform surgery with affordable cost. Here in Sabah, i can see a lot of poor people having a lot of heart disease. Minus to the people who eat so much or smoke so much and get cardiac problem. I'm looking to the children who have congenital heart disease. They even think twice before going to IJN because of the cost of surgery, but then, with a little help, IJN is affordable in the end. Think about it when IJN own by Sime darby...

6. The promises today would only be promises in the future. We learn from the history. Privatising is not always bring better services or only bring better services with double the original prices.

7. I am so dissapointed when politicians or whoever agree and considering to this proposal. If one really care about the heart of all Malaysian, they would disagree without hesitation.

8. I don't agree. IJN is already stable and whatever problem they have until they need to sell IJN to the private sector is so unreasonable. Maybe you can even sell the whole country to private corporation but not the institute who serve and save thousand of life, thousand of children life. Life is more important that anything else. Health is more important than money. People are more important than the leader.


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