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Happy New Year

1. Again, a new year. 2010. And like last year and the year before that, i celebrate New year in my hostel room in UMS, watching TV. I do want to celebrate New Year but we are bound to in resident rules. We can't go out after 11 pm. we can go out and break the rules but i'm not in the mood to celebrate it this year i guess. 2. yet i am happy because i am not alone this year. At least i have someone and people around me to go into the new year. 3. This year, everyone is having their own resolution. Everyone is hoping for a better year. Me? My resolution 5 years ago still not accomplish until today. So my resolution it to finish my previous resolution. 4. Hoping that something amazing will happen in 2010. Something that benefits me. haha. And... a happy ~ new year!!!!

Food Entry Encore: Kak Nong Restaurant

1. Many people did not really highlight this one restaurant i don't know why. Maybe people prepare imported restaurant like KFC, old town, Manhattan, New york and a lot more restaurant from the west. ( Note: Manhattan is inspired by the west but not from there...haha). 2. So what is so special about this restaurant. My personal view, this restaurant is nostalgic. I've been eating in this place since i was small. Years ago. Maybe more than 10 years ago. Then it disappear. And for that period of time, i did not taste or even aware of it. But suddenly in year 2009, suddenly i felt like eating it and i search for it and i found it. Still in the same place in Beverly Hills area KK. Easy to find, and the food still similar even though is not the same. This is classic for this restaurant. A dish called Soto Gulai Ikan Kak nong. I gave 5/5 for this dish. So delicious if you like something like Laksa, soto...etc. This meal consist of fish meat, with noodles and the soup is con

2009 music faded.

I guess 2009 is not a year of good music. Nothing interesting in music this year. From the west to the east, no good song are produced. Every music award this year seem to be boring. I guess beyoonce Halo which win a lot of award this year does not really attract me like Rihanna did with Umbrella. Hmm..what music i hear this year? earlier this year i enjoy taylor swift pop rock song but it seem that every song she had is kind of in the same tune. Enjoy but lack of variety. Just a song. Lady gaga is somehow attract me initially. She really got some trendy song which is different and updated. Its more like new generation type of song. Salute her but i did not like much on her image which is day by day becoming more over and abusive. huhu. And her new single can't attract me at all this day. I guess lady gaga is last year right? Is it? I'm a big fan of Eminem, but his album Relapse does not suprise me or suprise me in a not very positive perspective. It seem like the album lack o

End of year movie review.

1. Its christmas morning and i am listening to some good hip hop music in my laptop. Well, i guess there is no celebration for me this year. This is my first christmas without celebration. Every year, 25 december is a celebration for me. Its not mainly about christmas but its my parent anniversary. So usually we will go out and have a good dinner on 25 dec. Barbeque or eat some exclusive food outside. However, this year, no celebration since i am not going back. Staying in Hostel doing nothing. 2. Not only because i am not going back, but i also have a lot of work to settle and lot of knowledge to remember. Exam is just around the corner. I need to finish my second case report, finish my slide for presentation to our big boss professor next week, and need to study for the exam. What an unpleasant weekend, again. 3. The only good thing is my sister is coming today and i am going to watch Avatar, again, with her this afternoon. I think avatar deserves a second time since i am fed up with

Halal Ba Kut Teh

1. Lot of thing disturbing my mind within this past few days. I can't write anything here because of it. So mayny thing dissapointed me. 2. The first thing that disappoint me is regarding Halal Bak Kut Teh. I was really impressed that Malaysia now is taking step to start (start) unify all its citizen from different race. Food are included. As people know, food is the reflection of unity. Malaysia is unique because diversity of food from different races can be found here from Malay, chinese, Indian, Dusun, Serani, Iban, kadazan, penan, murut...etc. So many. So diverse. A lot of variety. And when i heard regarding 1fabalous food malaysia (or something), i was more impressed. Do you realize that even there is a lot of variety in Malaysian Food, actually all the races in Malaysia did not enjoy each other cuisine. Malay will restrict themselves to Malay food, chinese to chinese, indian to indian..etc. But with this new steps, a new beginning can occur where other can start to enjoyu eac

Drop the world/bomb

1. Leaked. The song drop the world from Lil wayne new album leaked and i downloaded it. I am not supporting piracy but as you know, everyone is hearing it and why should i not? Should i wait for official release next year? No. This is the problem, if a song is leaked, everyone have their right to hear it. And 10% of this downloader will actually pay for the real album later, and 90% will not bother to buy the original album. Which one are you? 2. This new song called Drop the world is so energetic and guess what, i like it. I guess Eminem and lil Wayne should make more song together. The lyrics is hard and the music is somehow catchy to hear and fresh. I hope that Eminem next album will be as strong as this one. 3. People are fighting for music industry after internet was born and more and more album are leaked in the net. It is like you can't hide anything now from the world with internet. 4. We can see sudden changes in music industry as you all aware that by the year 1990-2000,

Medicine oh Medicine

1. BBkk... What is the meaning of this? It mean boleh ba kalau kau... Today is my first time learning this abbreviation. I can use it now. BBkk.. 2. So today i was in my attachment in Accident & Emergency (A&E) department. So nice because i can see a lot of interesting case and action compare to the ward. I guess the action in medicine mostly happen in A&E compare to other department. Look like what you can see in the movie. 3. I also met a group of people which wonder around like me in A&E. They turn out to be a group of student who are in this program (what do you call it) where you are exposed to medical world before entering it. They would either choose or not to choose medicine after this. This program usually held for A-level student, or matriculation or college student. 4. When i enter to Medical School, i can honestly say that i don't know anything about medicine. I do not know what the hell A&E is. I don't know anything about medicine. This make me

3 Movies Review 2 ( Avatar, Bodyguard assasin, the princess frog)

So I am going to review 3 movies i've seen this week. I have been waiting for a very good movie to be out since few months ago. Every movie disappointed me recently. So i choose three movie this week which is Avatar, Bodyguard and assassins, and Disney's Princess and Frog. Here are my opinion regarding this three movie. Princess and The Frog One word to describe this new animation from Walt Disney... Classic. When i watched this movie, i start to remember the time when i used to watch Mulan, cinderella, Hunchback from Notredam... when i was a kid. About the story, it was too typical for an animation. There is hardwork, there is magic, there is adventure, and there is happy ending. Somehow i find it not that interesting enough. The jokes is terrible in this animation. I could not think of a reason why i heard so many people laughing for a bad joke like that..and i found the reason... 70 % of the audience watching this movie is children. The song... not memorable. So if i am a ki

Banjir SPU

This is unusual... not the flood..but the fact that i post 2 things in 1 day. haha. Let the story begin.......... It was not until 2 PM in the afternoon that the sky become dark and suddenly we can feel the temperature was dropping rapidly from too hot, to become just nice. At 2PM, our lecture on Drugs in special setting begin and i am sure that in the end of the lecture, i cannot get anything because i barely can hear the voice of the lecturer. Not his fault. It was raining too heavily along the 1 hour lecture. Rain and thunder, it was not a perfect time for lecture. It was not until 3 PM that the lecture finish. Everyone is relieved and start to pack their stuff and want to go back. Not usual to have a free time after three o'clock. The schedule usually extend until 5 PM or 7 PM or more. But today, 3 PM, everyone is excited to go back. It was not until someone stand up and open the lecture room hall to have look outside and shout because something is totally not right outside. Ev


1. I did not go to MLTR concert in UMS last night. No money to go. I guess it went well. Some of my friend went to watch the show and they said it was worth it. I really want to go but, oh well maybe they came back later in few years. 2. I was annoyed when i heard that some people are against this concert in UMS spreading sheets of paper talking 'brilliantly' on how misguided those people are when they supporting this show. They said that the big Dewan Canselori in UMS is supposed to be the place for graduation and people fought for their life to get into the hall during graduation day. They would said that where is the student right when everyone is turning the big hall into a entertaiment hall and not for the purpose of giving graduation slip to a success student. 3. I say it all nonsense! And some element of immaturity and funny too. Firstly, i do not need to fought hard to get into the hall. I just can simply go there right now and spend my time there as long as i would. Ho

ICORM 2009

This is the 2nd International conference of Rural Medicine held in UMS today. Actually, i am not sure why i participate in this conference but i remember they ask a few weeks ago to 5th year student, whoever want to become representative you can submit your name, and all i think at that time is the free meal they would give during this conference so then, i go and submit my name. I thought that during this conference i can sleep or be lazy but then, it was kind of interesting until i kept my eye open and my ears listening to all the presentation through out the day. During this conference, they are multiple symposium with different title of presentation and you can choose which symposium you want to enter. At first, i chose symposium 2 listening to all the challenges in rural healh in Sabah. In the afternoon, i choose symposium 1 talking about health globalisation or something but i don't like it and i can't stand it. So i went to free oral paper presentation. I manage to only

Animal and Me!

Even though i am not a vegetarian, but i don't hate animal. So to prove this, i went to Tuaran Crocodile farm last yesterday to show my appreciation to various kind of animals. This is a deer i guess. I don't know the exact name for it..haha. but it look delicious if we grilled it. No. I won't eat them because they are cute and still alive in front of me. I came to this farm not to eat the animal to just look at them and learn things from them. So many thing we can learn from animal. By looking at them, we will feel lucky because we are human and we do not have to suffer like them in the cage. Should thing like this be stopped? I don't know. Some people might against the idea of caging an animal for exhibition. However, i am sure if you let this deer wander around, they might only live for a few second before somebody grilled them with pepper and salt, and few other spices. The reason i went to this place is too see crocodile. This is by far the third time i went to thi

Food Entry 4 (Kota Kinabalu)

Okay, this time i will introduce Grill Lokan ( a type of shell or clam or whatever). This cuisine can be found in Jalan Sulaman at road side on the way to Tuaran. This place that we cannot even call a restaurant or stall as it does not look like one offering only 3 menu. This grilled lokan, Coconut puding and burned coconut. Regarding the grilled lokan, it was so fresh i guess. They just grilled it on charcoal and they add some chili and lime juice on top of it. It cost RM10 for at least 40 pieces of grilled lokan depending on the size. If you choose the big one, it will only consist of maybe 30 pieces. So we done eating those lokan. It was served with soya sauce, vinegar and chili as a dip. This is coconut puding. It is very famous until everyone who went along this road need to take a stop and grab a this refreshing cold pudding. Cost RM2 per cup. This is something different I have tasted today. It was burned coconut. If you look at the coconut before they open it as in this picture,

Finishing Holiday week

First of all.. within this one week holiday, there is nothing much that i do in my university since i am broke and i guess you can't go anywhere fun without money. But that does not mean that you cannot have fun without money. I have fun doing something simple such as running around UMS. It was tiring and fun. As lot of people aware, UMS is the most beautiful university in Malaysia and i am proud and so lucky to be here. Where else you can get a very beautoful scenary without going outside your university? Everyday wake up with a lot of oxygen from the green environment, and there is so many place to go running around when you have free time. I guess my holiday this time was not so boring as i expect it to be when i'm broke. Going around my university and doing nothing is enough fun for me. haha. Don't know why i am writing this entry.

Food Entry Relapse

This is mango cheese cake we bought from multibake to celebrate my girlfriend's 23th birthday. And believe what, this cake was awesome. So nice. I could not believe there is something this delicious. The top of it is like mango puding with some white brown fruit (which i don't know what it is but it taste sweet and sour like plum). Below the layer of mango puding is cheese cream and the floor of it consist of sponge cheese cake. So delicious... nyum nyum. I recommend this to all of you. Get it at Multibake kota kinabalu ( i bought in Oneborneo branch) for oly Rm3.80 per piece.

Do no Harm

It was raining outside. The day is so dark today. I don't know what to do and what to write and what to think anymore. My surgical senior posting exam already finish. I've learn a lot during this posting. I guess surgery is so nice and enjoyable. I never met a surgeon who look so depress and stress. As compare to medicine, surgery has more life component on it. I'm going to medical posting within 2 weeks. I am so anxious about it. Medicine look so stressful yet medicine is why i went to medical school. So i will do my best. I guess no matter where your medical school is, all medical student is miserable. If a medical student does not feel miserable, then i guess that is a bad warning sign. I am in no position to talk regarding the quality of doctors today but somehow, i need to talk about it. My medical school, is a not that 5 star medical school where no one can doubt regarding it standard. Mine is a new school with only 2 batch practicing now in hospital. We are being hum

I forgot my patient.

The most shameful thing happen to me today. It is actually started last week when i clerk this patient and i found out that she have relatives somewhere in my hometown and she keeps telling me that she know my family. Maybe she made a mistake however, i do realize that she did have relatives in my village. So i sit and spend some more time with her talking about my family and village. It has been a long time since I use my Brunei dialect so i have fun chattering with her. And today, as usual i woke up at 5.45 am, prepare myself to go to the hospital, took some dull rushing breakfast, then i was there in the hospital early in the morning. full with my fully equipped medical student gear consist of stethoscope, log book, a pen torch, a few blank paper as a clerking sheets, and i walk to the ward confident to clerk patient. And the first room i went is my usual room that has been allocated to me. The first patient i saw was a lady sitting on the bed. I quickly approach to her and ask her

My 5 years laptop.

This is my 5 years old laptop. Anyone interested?

Anti traditional Medicine

Today i woke up early and went to Gaya Street. Gaya Sreet is a place somewhere in Kota Kinabalu and every sunday, a big 'tamu' (). It was nice to be there in sunday morning, you could buy most of the thing that you want from cloth, to local craft, to fruits, cakes and everything. You can also buy pets such as cats, hamster or dogs. Cat is quite expensive. The cheapest one cost rm360 (pure breed siamest cat). During my visit there, i also found a lot of traditional medicine sold by different stall and almost all claimed that their product is the cure of everything. There is one stall promoting a bottle of dark fluid to me and claimed that the fluid can lower your blood pressure and cure many other disease. When asked about how it could do such thing, the girl promoter told that the fluid will cause increase in inside body temperature and this suppose to bring benefit to you, or is it? Lot of people attentively listening to the explanation. On what basis that thing could lower bl

Too Phat Review

For the new generation of Malaysia Hip Hop, this is a little bit info on how Hip Hop scene really happen here in Malaysia. haha. I just want to write this entry as a tribute to Too Phat. I guess now i can call them one of the best rappers here in Malaysia and still they is. A little story on how i discover them. Whuttadilly? I never knew about this album. I guess i don't need to know about it. I only know that there are 3 songs which is nice in this album which is Jezzebelle, Too Phat Baby and Bomoh. But during that time, Hip Hop was still an underground culture. Know one is really paying attention to this album Plan B This is the point where i started to discover Too Phat. I remember that i was in Form 1 or 2 when i first listen to 'Anak Ayam' ( the classic hit single from Too Phat). They were nice and so immature at that time. However, i love it because i was too, an immature. So i guess the tune is really synchronize with me. It was easy to accept their music into my lif

Traditional Medicine = Palliative Medicine

This happen today.. During my bed side teaching with one of our senior lecturer in surgery. It happen when one of my colleague was presenting a case of Colorectal cancer, early stage cancer, Duke's A. My Colleague (A): Patient is planned for surgery however he refuse the surgery and planning to seek alternative medicine. My Lecturer ( H) : Pardon? A: Alternative medicine H: You mean palliative care lah..! A: No doctor, he actually want to try traditional medicine other than the surgery.. H: Same la. Traditional medicine is palliative care la. Further more it will make patient life more short.. palliative lah. We all laugh. Don't know why but it make sense. Traditional medicine can be palliative. It is palliative in this situation. For Adenocarcinoma of the rectum in early stage Duke's A, if you removed it you will have 80%-90% chances of having a quality life. If you did not... it will take only months to spread to other organ and will cause you to suffer until the day you

Patient Patient.

I was so fed up iwth my patient's relative today. What happen is, i was going to clerk this patient and that patient agree to be clerk by me. Patient autonomyis my first priority. However, suddenly this one relative (maybe the son of that patient) suddenly acting clever and tell me " If you want to ask questions, ask the doctor, not the patient, can you see this patient is sick, why must you ask question?". Fair enough, i don't want to start a fight, we are professional, thus i had to leave that patient but more spesifically the relative. The wife of that patient already agree with me, and the patient also. I guess patient autonomy does not apply for their relatives. Fair enough, we still need to respect our patient, and we need to obey them. if they refuse their medication also no problem nowadays because patient have their autonomy. What i want to highlight here is regarding 'asking question' or in medicine it is called history taking. We could not say in ma

Kena Tindih

I was hearing a friend describing seriously regarding her experienced on 'kena tindih', a common condition where people said that a ghost was lying or whatever it do on top of you making you unable to move and breathlessness. I am hearing this kind of story since i was a kid, from almost everyone, and even myself experienced it occasionally and i do know what does it feel and how distress you are during that attack. For many years, I was convinced that this is caused by syaitan, ghost and demons. Reciting koranic verses will chase those thing away and will make the problem disappear. Honestly, I want to ask everyone who read this (muslim), how many times when you recite koranic verses and the problem immediately go away? It would not. Until you are totally panicked and after a few minutes then it will go away. Why? Do i not believed in the power of koranic verses? No. I do believe. But this is the problem. KENA TINDIH DOES NOT EXIST OR IT DOES NOT ASSOCIATE WITH DEVIL, GHOST O


1. As a medical student, everytime i went back to my hometown for holiday, it does not mean that i can run from medicine. I do feel like i want to run away for a week from medicine but i just can't. 2. even in holiday, there are family member who would ask me some question regarding their sign and symptoms and it is more difficult than the exam question where your answer would be rejected if it is false, but with your family, no one will say you are wrong. You are always right. But what if you are wrong? I guess i am liar if i answer it wrong. I'l like committing a sin. 3. So i try to answer the best that i could. For every symptoms, i would go for the simplest diagnosis that i can make. For example, if someone ask me about headache, i would say it may be due to stress, maybe migraine, and so on before getting to meningitis or encephalitis, tumor and everything. I don't want to make them afraid. 4. So it is like exam huh..! I would be ready for everything. Ask me a question

Now the symbol has been found. ( The Lost symbol)

1. Finally the sequence of the Da vinci code was here on earth. haha. I do not know that Da vinci will have a sequence after such criticism and contreversy a few yaers ago. But it would be a waste if the life of Robert Langdon stop after he found the tomb of mary magdalene. 2. Now the lost symbol finally in stores. However i do not have money to buy it. damn. So expensive for the hard cover. I should stick to my routine buying the paperback cover which will cost me around RM36-RM39. 3. However, i hate when others already complete reading that book. i don't want people to tell me the story before i read it. I need to read it, and i need to read it quickly. 4. I love dan brown book so much. Compare to other book, well, i did not anticipate maybe the sequel to to Ps i love you... no. But i anticipate the sequel to The da vinci code. haha. 5. Other than Harry potter, i guess dan brown's Robert langdon's adventure was fascinating and unchildish. I did'

UMS Medical School

1. Wow. It has been 4 years and ++ i'm in UMS medical school. What a life. I still clearly remember when i enter this school, a lot of critics were given to it until sometimes i feel so ashamed of being in this school. 2. however, spending 4 years (now i;m in final year) in this medical school, teach me a lot of thing. The important thing is, to be yourself, and to be proud on everything you do. And of course it also teach me medicine.. 3. Some of the people do not like UMS medical school and trying to bring it down. I am not really clear on what basis they want to do that. I guess, if there is a school that want to provide good education to the people especially people here in Sabah, i guess they need to support it and trying to bring it down will bring no benefit to anyone. Let us just say, if during my earlier day in this school, suddenly it was closed on demand of those people, where should i go? And where should the other 100+ student go. Do they realize that they are destroyi

Medical School Examination

So today is my exam on obstetric/gyanecology/neonatal/paeds medicine senior posting. It is always fun to write on the paper the word "senior". haha. Now i am already a senior. have to admit that.  Whatever whatever. So today is my first final year posting exam. I am so glad that the question was not that hard after all. Even though there is some question that o could not answer. Not because the question is difficult, but because it was too easy. Do you ever encounter with this kind of situation when you study so hard on difficult thing, then suddenly an easy question came out and you don't know what to answer. I do. I study hard on a lot of thing, on the management of ovarian cancer, management of pv bleeding, management of abnormal deliveries, PIH, Pre Eclampsia, but then a question directly asking me the classification of ovarian cancer, i could not answer it. I did answer it because i know the FIGO staging have that kind of classification which is similar to other ca