I don't want to believe

1. Another case happen in my hometown where a young women died because her family does not bring her to the hospital after falling sick and constipated for a few days.

2. I still do not know why people always did not believe the modern medicine. They always believe the 'bomoh'. traditional medicine and every heck thing they falsely believe.

3. I do, sometimes believe on alternative medicine, but as it called alternative, then it should not replaced medicine i think.

4. Our society should be educate that modern medicine could save life and there is no offense if they want to believe the alternative but please, please give a faith to modern medicine too. I hate when i hear a life was gone because you only believe 'bomoh'.

5.I hope one day, people would wake up from this dream, dream that you have superpower to treat a disease.

It doesn't kill to have a faith, but you can kill others because of your faith.


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