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Visual Screening at SK MELAWA

Sk Melawa. Small school of Sabah. 1. Today our Professor (Prof P.Muthusamy), the one i described in my earlier post bring us to SK Melawa for some project. Actually, it was our school postgraduate student research project i think. I also did not know actually what research they are conducting... just following my professor cause he looks so energetic and bring us along. It was fun and interesting. We got a free breakfast too. haha. 2. When i step into that school, then i realized that the school look familiar with my primary school, around 15 years ago. Sabah really pity, in time where most of the school in Malaysia, particularly West Malaysia, including my hometown Labuan got this high tech school with 3 floors building and have so many kind of facilities, this school that i visited this morning is just a school with classroom, a small resource center, and a canteen.... it is like walking in the past. After 15 years, there is still school like this. What happen? 3. I believed that

Another lecturer gone

1. Another lecturer left us last week. The situation is different this time. This is because, this lecturer just left like that without informing properly thus all the schedule become a mess. I myself have to rearrange everything. 2. I am so glad that we have a brilliant professor teaching us. At first, i just think that he was a professor like everybody else but to know that he is one of the best in the world and he is well recognized through out the world make me proud. I don't believe that a brilliant person like him is teaching me right now. 3. When he flip the oxford book of clinical specialties, there it is, his name was there in Eye chapter. And to search the internet, i found that he has his own award that is to be given to the brilliant postgraduate from Ediburgh. Wow. 4. And he like to tell us his story. And i like to listen. 5. I want to be like him someday. Own my own 'Zaki's award', have my name in oxford clinical specialties book, or maybe in other boo

Serve for the right

When our beloved lecturer Dr. Khaing Khaing Myint left us last week, I was a little puzzled on why she is leaving us after so many years being with us. She was one of the best teacher I ever meet in my life. The way she teach us, is different , as other lecturer trying to give us plenty of knowledge that we must know, she only teach us the basic and make sure that we understand even if it only for a few things. In the end I realized that it is better to understand something rather than remembering everything and understand nothing. Last week Saturday after a heavy lecture on Saturday morning, we asked one of our lecturer regarding why Dr.Khaing Khaing Myint leave UMS. The answer was so touching. It is just simply because she want to serve her country which is in crisis right now after Nargis tragedy a few months ago. We were told that even the payment in UMS is much better than in Myanmar, but it serving her own country is one responsibility for her and it cannot be compared to mo

Clinical skills

1. I want to buy a new handphone with camera, where i can take picture anytime and share it with the world. So many fascinating event happen yet i can't share it with others. 2. Why most people never think of doing their housemenship or work in Sabah? I found that since i was in my first year of study, Sabah is a very interesting place to study medicine. So many disease that you can see here in Sabah. 3. Tuberculosis is a friendly neigbourhood here in Sabah. You have some disease, it could be TB for everything. There is also plenty of nasopharyngeal carcinoma here. I can call Sabah as a land of all disease today. haha. 4. Now in ENT posting, everyday i can see nasopharyngeal carcinoma. It is so interesing about this carcinoma. It's curable, that is what make it so interesting. 5. I learn a lot in this posting. In fact, i learn a lot from every posting. I am a little dissapointed when some of medical student that i know, hesitate to work here in Sabah. I was really fortunate