Another lecturer gone

1. Another lecturer left us last week. The situation is different this time. This is because, this lecturer just left like that without informing properly thus all the schedule become a mess. I myself have to rearrange everything.

2. I am so glad that we have a brilliant professor teaching us. At first, i just think that he was a professor like everybody else but to know that he is one of the best in the world and he is well recognized through out the world make me proud. I don't believe that a brilliant person like him is teaching me right now.

3. When he flip the oxford book of clinical specialties, there it is, his name was there in Eye chapter. And to search the internet, i found that he has his own award that is to be given to the brilliant postgraduate from Ediburgh. Wow.

4. And he like to tell us his story. And i like to listen.

5. I want to be like him someday. Own my own 'Zaki's award', have my name in oxford clinical specialties book, or maybe in other books, Kumar and Clerk maybe..haha.. this is my dream. And i want to be on the level where, everyone is same level as me or below.

6. Did i mention that i want to become an infectious disease specialist. MAybe sub-specialty in something like TB, or maybe malaria. I like those topics and i haven't change my mind since my first year of study. Even though the professor i mentioned above told us all to become an ophthalmologist, but i am not so interested in eyes. I do not know why.

7. ' When you excel in your study, and get a big title, you will walk tall and have to look below to see people, even though physically you are small and short'..... - my prof said.


  1. aku sentiasa sokong ko...
    eh malay plak...
    btw, u should go for it...
    i know u can bro...
    proud to be ur friend...

  2. ei. si syap bangga jadi kawan ko jak? aku??

    ko tunggu pie aku suda rakam album sendiri, suda jadi artis top se top mawi (kenapa haruss mawi? ewww)
    masa tu aku akan blg"siapa syapiei?").. heheh

    zaki, aku nda berapa suka la perkara no 7. tuh. bunyinya sgtlah arrogant.. aku tau walaupun dalam Islam sendiri menyatakan, 'orang2 yang berilmu diangkat martabatnya', tp bukan kita yg 'angkat' diri kita sendiri sampai kena tgk orang tgh ke bawah (pandang rendah?) biarla org yg memandang tinggi kita, tapi kita tak perlu memandang rendah org lain...


    p/s- kalau aku salah faham maksud ko cuba sampaikan, sori daun keladi.

  3. Anonymous6:51 pm

    wow. that's great.

    wish i could be a great teacher and bring changes to our nation.

    dreaming too big eh?

    btw, kalau free ahad ni jom g 1B!

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  5. wah.
    kagum dgn quote prof ko tue.
    i assume he is not embracing islam,
    coz being a muslim, we are taught to be down-to-earth, humble yet still able to preserve our pride and dignity.

    its juz my POV, nothing personal.

  6. Well, it is true. He is not muslim. I also did not agree with him regarding walking tall. But the story he told us is not only about being arrogant, bongkak or somethibng.

    Actually dia nak bagitau tentang macamaana kita boleh menjadi tinggi dan tidak dipijak oleh orang lain dengan knowledge yang kita ada.

    As you all know or did not know, he is so successful in his life eh, if you sit down and listen to his story for 10 minutes, obviously you want to be like him also. His name is Professor Datuk Dr Muthusamy Palanisamy, JP. He is well known in Malaysia and also ediburg i think.

    Some people say that he is one of the best opthalmologist in the world.

    raeally nicelistening to his story until one time, you become fed up, and really want to have you lunch as early as possible. haha.

    I think what he means regarding no.7 is, you must have knowledge to make you superior. If i continue what he says, it was like this.... ' once you have knowledge, you don't have to ask people to look up to you, they will look up to you if you excel in your study.....' he also said , ' Be nice to other people, so they will be nice to you man, and please don't take credits from others'....

    I remember him today saying that his first child is a well known opthalmologist ( you can check the new edition of clinical oxford handbook on clinical specialties which is revised by his daughter), and his second daughter is a well know orthopaedic surgeon in oxford or whatever, and his thrid daugther is a.. i forgot. And he said that all of his daughter became a person like that all because of his wife and not him. DON'T TAKE CREDIT FROM OTHER he says. Hahaha.

    Chow... About to finish my opthalmo posting, i will be talking about other prof later when i'm in community medicine. Prof Osman maybe because he is a clinical epidemiologist... if i'm not wrong.

  7. sapa la nak pijak doktor eh zaki?

    semua org tau kalau doktor tu, susah utk jadi...

    aku tau!
    senior mmg suka pijak doktor2 junior. hoho

    bah. semoga sukses dgn apa yg ko ingin kan.

    aku pun mau quote seorang prof aku disini (dia tiada title datuk pun, mungkin dia nda sehebat prof ko, sbb nama dia tiada di textbook pun. hiks)

    "janganlah kalian sesekali merasa angkuh dan sombong dgn ilmu yang kalian miliki, sungguh pun obat kalian yang berikan, namun Allah jualah yang menyembuhkan..."


  8. o0o.
    hebat nye kn.
    kagum je.
    bgs gak la ada org giler bapak genius cmtue.
    so they can go tru all the hardworks in R&D,
    and common ppl like me can jz enjoy the benefits of it.

    life's good!


  9. 3rd daughter is working in the world best opth hospital now la! how can u forget his story! he mentioned it more than 10 times la!! hahah!
    by d way, I want our photo tat day at sk melawa la!!! pass to me!!!!!!!


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