Clinical skills

1. I want to buy a new handphone with camera, where i can take picture anytime and share it with the world. So many fascinating event happen yet i can't share it with others.

2. Why most people never think of doing their housemenship or work in Sabah? I found that since i was in my first year of study, Sabah is a very interesting place to study medicine. So many disease that you can see here in Sabah.

3. Tuberculosis is a friendly neigbourhood here in Sabah. You have some disease, it could be TB for everything. There is also plenty of nasopharyngeal carcinoma here. I can call Sabah as a land of all disease today. haha.

4. Now in ENT posting, everyday i can see nasopharyngeal carcinoma. It is so interesing about this carcinoma. It's curable, that is what make it so interesting.

5. I learn a lot in this posting. In fact, i learn a lot from every posting. I am a little dissapointed when some of medical student that i know, hesitate to work here in Sabah. I was really fortunate to study medicine here, and i am planning to work here before i go to somewhere else latter. who knows?

6. 'Forget all the expensive diagnostic device, just give me a plain x-ray', this is one quote from a consultant here. This quote reflect on how clinical skills and basic investigation can be very useful to diagnose a disease without using any expensive device, and this will nurture your thinking and make you a great doctor.

7. My clinical skills is quite bad i think. Not because i did not study, or practice, but because i sometimes have this feeling of being lazy and always jump to the end and forget all the minor thing in between. I want to train myself to pick up every small thing that i left behind.

8. Even i still have one and a half year more before graduating, but truly i realize how clinical skills is so important in medicine. Almost every posting i/ we were scolded because we lack of clinical skills. Sometimes, i feel that i am already perfect, but in the end, i left something.

9. Clinical skills is really important. If I were asked ' What advice would you give to your junior in medicine' i will said ' practice their clinical skills'. I also did not know how would someone become so good in their clinical skills or are they just bluff around and look perfect. One orthopaedic consultant told me a few months ago, " Medical study is like an art, you act good, you could pass every exam easily".

10. Is it really about acting? Only acting? So every doctor is just an actor? I don't think so. Yes, you can pass every exam with acting and bluffing, but to work later, it would be a problem. So the safest way is to be really good in clinical skils.

11. A few days ago, our deputy dean show her frustration to me, i know, my clinical skills is below average or maybe maximally at the average. I want to practice more on clinical skills. But i was so lazy. haha. I rather sit down and watch some movie than going to the ward and clerk a patient.

12. Honestly, we are asked to clerk 30 patient for every 7 weeks posting and submit our clerking sheet at the end of posting. I remember that from 30 cases, i only clerk maybe 19-20 patients and the other 10, i copied it from my colleague. It was really tiring.

13. When people heard about 30 clerksheet, they must say that it look easy, but it was hard, you know. You have to clerk a patient then follow up until he/she is discharge, and you have to do it 30 times. Our deputy dean also told us that she had to clerk 60 cases during her housemenship, this make me chills. If 30 cases i could not do, what about 60?

14. 30 clerk sheet plus 2 cases report, then have to study for exam, and preparing for bedside, seminar, sgd, ward work procedure, and attend other things such as CME, lab, everything was tiring. Medical student life is sucks, yet it is enjoyable.

15. At last, i am in Combined speacialty posting nowadays, currently in ENT, later anesthesia and ophthalmo, i like this posting very much. why? Because i did not have to clerk 30 cases. However, it became much more tiring, because we have to attend clinical at 8.00 o'clock, clerk and present cases, until 12.00 pm, then lecture start at 1 pm until 5 pm, go on call after that, or have to go to the ward to clerk cases and submit 2 cases report within this 2 weeks. Arr..

I miss my relaxing time during boarding school, my time during matriculation college, and all my time during 1st year and 2nd year of study.

I miss my past..... but i really enjoy my present... i am looking forward for my future.

This picture taken when we are in District posting in Papar a few months ago. It was the best posting i ever had. All the staff there are nice. The hospital enviroment is also nice. If i were to admit to the hospital, i would choose Papar Hospital. Food is also nice there, i really love it.


  1. Anonymous12:01 pm

    byk kawan aku sini org Semenanjung mau posting di Sabah.
    aku promote sma durang pasal elaun negeri durang dapat nanti,
    sma pasal Sabah, the Heaven of Diseases. hahahhaha

    aku masi pikir, sma da Sabah, atau KL.

  2. Anonymous12:05 am

    y dunhav me in ur photo!!!!blerk!!

  3. Anonymous10:33 pm

    best ka ent??huhu..
    aku xminat nak stadi ent..
    gerun nak tunggu ophtal..sbb takut ngan dr lee..
    tp enjoy glerr anaes..
    hehe..slalu bleh balik awal..
    hehe..zaki, ketua yang baik..

    pi ka sha


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