CSL Phone

1. I bought a new CSL phone. Only RM325 for a phone look so much like nika 6300 plus 1 gb of memory card.

THis phone quite nice you know, It have this bluetooth, pm3 and mp4 player, e-book reader, i even get second battery for free and also screen guard, charger, car charger, ear phone, and 15 months warranty.

This is my second day of using this phone. I'm testing the battery. It's been a quite busy day for me yesterday and today, call so many people (work purpose). And the battery still can be use until today. I hope it can last for 3 days or else, it will be the same as the other cheap handphone where their battery couldn't last long.

2. I am so busy for the last 2 day since one of our lecturer just left us unannounced. So every lecture and class with her have to be replace rapidly by anyone from Queen Hospital. the workload of arranging the class schedule was dupm on me and our posting coordinator. I was kind of, frust, and like i want to give up being the group leader of this posting. By the way, being a group leader is a work by force for free.

3. Now i'm start thinking about it. I do half of my posting coordinator work, or at least a quarter, but i did not get any payment for my work. Only work and work. This is not fair. I thought being a group leader is only taking attendace, relay information from lecturer to my colleague, but then it turn out to be, arranging the schedule for the posting, it is quite difficult. I have to call all the doctor involved in this posting whether from HQE or UMS and make them comply to the schedule or else, i will be in trouble.


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