Visual Screening at SK MELAWA

Sk Melawa. Small school of Sabah.

1. Today our Professor (Prof P.Muthusamy), the one i described in my earlier post bring us to SK Melawa for some project. Actually, it was our school postgraduate student research project i think. I also did not know actually what research they are conducting... just following my professor cause he looks so energetic and bring us along. It was fun and interesting. We got a free breakfast too. haha.

2. When i step into that school, then i realized that the school look familiar with my primary school, around 15 years ago. Sabah really pity, in time where most of the school in Malaysia, particularly West Malaysia, including my hometown Labuan got this high tech school with 3 floors building and have so many kind of facilities, this school that i visited this morning is just a school with classroom, a small resource center, and a canteen.... it is like walking in the past. After 15 years, there is still school like this. What happen?

3. I believed that some people up there does not do their work. Why don't gave this school at least a new building, even though not big, but maybe better than just a wooden and small school like this.

4. Enough says, I just want to express my enjoyable time this morning. I think the fun started all by Prof Muthusamy. He was so energetic and student orientated. What a brilliant lecturer he is. If all lecturer are like this, medical study would not be boring after all.
The arrival of UMS Medical students..grand..grand.

My colleague aldrin screening the visual acquity using Prof Muthusamy Vision chart. He create the chart to substitute Snellen's Chart. It is called Muthu's Vision A4 chart. Very reproducible.

Me and my girlfriends

Our prof...

Breakfast is one reason why we were there...

Using Autorefractor machine..

Doing good work for the children..

Our team....


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